The Tech Selection Section # TTSS009

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 12/10/10 12:47

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS009So, have you said ‘sayonara' to summer, people? How was it for you? Did you kick up some sand on the playa or get down ‘n' sweaty inside the clubs? Whatever. The closing parties have closed and it's time to move along. No loitering. As a result, we're back with another episode of TTSS to tantalise your tastebuds with a tipple of technology, gadgets ‘n' gizmos.

One thing that I've been gawping at this autumn over on the cool instructables site is a neat handmade bag fashioned out of floppy discs, mainly cos' I want a one-off one for my iPad (Also, since CDs are pretty retro, we could always replace the floppy discs with compact discs... hmm...)

Speaking of retro/future trends, sure technology's job is to make our lives easier but has DJ gear led to DJing becoming an automated ‘art form' for the masses? Well, although Star Wars' R2-D2 droid may have more attitude than many of today's spinners, the power of the DJ ‘personality' still remains important - saving us from a total auto-bot in the booth... for now...

But, hey, let's move on... enough with our ramblings, please continue to board TTSS009 and read on for our new 4x4...

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Allen & Heath unleashes Dog's Bollocks shocker: the Xone:DB4
Finally, following a hype campaign that played heavily (if not cerebrally) on the mutt's nuts, Allen & Heath has unleashed the beast that is the Xone:DB4. Yes, definitely one for the big boys and recession-defying clubs, the DB4 is uncovered, but will not be available to the masses until at least the end of this year.

This is a Defiant & Ballsy move from A&H and introduces a price exclusive audio mixer with something it calls a Quad FX Core DSP engine. An engine of the imagination to apparently enable the use of 4 FX BPM Loop record engines with channel EQ filters.

Of course, there are tonnes more feisty features to ruffle feathers, and so you'd better recognise when Xone design manager, Andy Rigby-Jones, announces that it's 'by far the most advanced product that we have designed'...
Yes, it's back: nextbeat MK2
OK, so we may have had a bit of a snide snigger at the first incarnation of this guitar hero-type DJ tool but now look at 'em go-go: apparently, Dirty Dutcher Chuckie is touring the US with this piece of kit, innit!

In addition, this summer nextbeat's been holding some villa ventures here on the isle; plus they will be showing their wares this month at ADE. Suffice to say, it's back 'better and cheaper' and shows no signs of going away...

Improvements include a 16GB storage capacity, compatibility with WAV, AIFF, MP3 and AAC-LC formats and - like a lot of gear these days - it makes the DJ's job and mixing even easier via automatic BPM matching of tracks.

A simple and accessible way to enjoy the nextgen, woo-hoo, get them!
Stanton's M.203: big deal, small price
As ever, Stanton endeavors to give you more bang for your buck with its new 2-channel mixer. Building on the success of the company's more advanced M.207, the entry-level M.203 has pretty much everything you'll need to get started as a DJ.

Featuring in the mix is a 3-band rotary EQ for each channel with complete kill, soft start, and decent circuitry on the Alpha crossfader with an adjustable curve and tight FET-isolated 'cut' setting. 

So, no extravagance or much sophistication here, just keeping it simple with a tough little mixer with a basic but bargain feature set to get you going in the game.
Tascam's solar-powered tuner: TC-1S
Let there be light? Yes, indeed, calling itself the ‘world's first solar-powered instrument tuner', the new Tascam TC-1S hits the shops this month, showing sound green thinking and marketing from the corporation.

Available in shockproof silicon covers of black, pink, orange, blue, white and, of course, green, the TC-1S is aimed at ‘planet-conscious musicians'. The tuner charges its battery from solar cells located on the front panel. However, a USB input is also available for charging if you live somewhere sans sun, like the north of England.

The tuner weighs just 51g and features a built-in mic, a ¼-inch input for guitar/bass tuning, and a bar graph LCD display for viewing. Display modes include fine pitch display and the tuner can be calibrated to external sources.

Well, again, that’s all for now, peeps. Enjoy Octoberrrrrrrrr. See you next time!


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