De Signer - Suicide Girl on Hot Creations

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 2/11/10 9:40

Somewhat re-connecting with his on-off hometown of the last few years, Hot Creations boss Lee Foss (alongside Jamie Jones) enlists the help of a band from Los Angeles, De Signer, for the burgeoning label's next release. And, what said band decide to do in return, is take the 80s New York, sleazy house and slo-mo vibes of all HC catalogue numbers thusfar and refract them through a shattered, psychedelic disco ball. And it works.

But before the original track (for some reason?) comes the Robin Porter & Subb-An remix. A blistered mid-tempo house basslines rips along whilst haunting vocal cries of "gunna take your life" boom over the top adding an air of Art Department's ‘Vampire Nightclub' in the process. It's dark but not hostile, and although is a little more tool-y and repetitive than you may expect from the label's rather amorous output so far, it represents a nice sonic shift.

Next comes another remix, this time from 2020 Vision's unhinged disco darlings, Crazy P, who lay down seven minutes of shackled disco. Shackled because their usual uber cosmic funk merely glistens through the percussive background clatter, long tailed chords and dumpy house beats instead of dazzling them out. It's this fusion of 4/4's dance floor clout, disco's glitzy glamour and tech's edginess that makes for a heart warming but not butter melting track that would fit smartly into the sets of anyone from Tensnake to The Revenge.

And finally to the original, a gently twisted track that lazily skews its way through layers of synths, fractured iciness and busy, scattered beats. There's an acid undercurrent to the frozen disco and auto-tuned vocals of ‘Suicide Girl', too, but it's when things are stripped back to just the beats and the effervescing, dancing synths two thirds of the way through that this track really grabs hold of you and drags you into its grittier core. Overall, then, three grainy, sharp-edged jams all ready and waiting to spike you with their infectious and nervous dance floor energies.

Artist: De Signer
Title: Suicide Girl EP
Label: Hot Creations

Suicide Girl (Robin Porter & Subb-an Remix)
Suicide Girl (Crazy P Remix)
Suicide Girl (Original)

Our Rating: 7/10
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