The Tech Selection Section # TTSS010

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 2/11/10 9:34

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS010Far more devastating than the end of a species of whale is the reoccurring nightmare about the turntable: to Technics or not to Technics? Whether it is nobler in the mind to let DJs suffer a sea of troubles as the online rumour mill grinds, or to let Technics to die, to sleep. This soliloquy of chaos continues and we've been asking WTF since the very first TTSS, so by now we've got question mark fatigue. Anyway, when it's Official, it shall be sadder than Sony retiring their obsolete technology, aka the cassette Walkman (RIP).

So onwards we saunter and while we've had BPM and ADE last month, The Selection continues its own merry march. This month, our favourite snigger from the instructables site comes from these LED Disco Pants, which are not quite as high-tech as Daft Punk's helmets but might still be useful if you're going to be 'sweding' Tron this autumn.

Furthermore, not altogether unlike the 'potentially sinister' packages found on planes of late, straight outta chemistry class, for any uber-retro-ravers out there, we have these DIY Glow Sticks, the formula for which is as puzzling as MySpace's strategy for making their site hip again...

Anyway, without any more daftness, punks, let's move on... This month we've got a DJ mixer, a velocity-sensitive keyboard, a limited edition drum, and some fancy earplugs. 

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Denon’s new digital dilly: the DN-X600
Taking several techy tricks from its bigger four-channel brothers, Denon’s new two-channel digital mixer represents sound value. The 24-bit 96 kHz soundcard is a 4x stereo in/4x out USB 2.0 audio interface, while output passes through a 32-bit digital to analogue converter.

The DN-X600 has USB MIDI capabilities with a mapable surface, a digital vinyl system direct mode (CD/vinyl), a range of on-board effects like Delay, Flanger, Filter, Reverb, Beat Scratch and BeatBreaker, and three-band EQ with a kill on each. Plus, its fader technology is also pretty advanced.

Just check out the video to find out more and, if you’re a fan, why not keep in touch with Denon through this iPhone App by Trias Développement
Akai’s mighty Mini
Last month Akai’s dinky new USB-powered, velocity-sensitive keyboard and portable software controller was introduced to crowds at BPM tradeshow, in the UK.

Mac and PC, performance and production, friendly, the MPK Mini is about as wide as a laptop, weighs about as much as half a bag of sugar and, as you can see, comes replete with 25 note keys, knobs and buttons. These include two banks of MPC-style pads, eight assignable Q-Link knobs, a Tap-Tempo button, Octave Up/Down and Sustain buttons, and four memory banks for programming/using various settings. It also has a built-in arpeggiator. 

It does all this and more by mixing DNA from Akai’s LPK25 keyboard and LPD8 laptop/drum pad controller with a new micro twist. Enjoy. 

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Back2black with Korg’s Wavedrum
Korg’s got some neat stuff available this autumn, which besides their clip-on ukulele tuner includes this new second generation Wavedrum. The original silver Wavedrum was brought to life in the mid-90s and has been a favourite with musicians ever since. Now it’s available in limited edition black, complete with a black metallic rim and black suede Remo drumhead.

Like its silver predecessor, the Wavedrum Black can be used as a stand-alone instrument, during a DJ set, for example, or as part of a larger drum kit. It has 200 samples (100 for the drumhead and 100 for the rim) and provides a massively versatile range of sounds.

Calling all Korg lovers, if you’re looking for some tidy xmess gifts then how about these vintage Ts for size/your Crimbo stocking?
Peace be upon you!  
If your favourite place to hit the floor is next to a bass-bin, or if you wanna shhhush up ‘n’ dance, you might want to consider sticking these trendy plugs in your shell-likes. Mainly because hearing protection matters, tinnitus ain’t cool and these reusable ‘hypo-allergenic silicone’ EarPeaces are hardly noticeable due to their flesh coloured tones.

They may not have all the ‘bells ‘n’ whistles’ of those mega-expensive made-to-measure jobbies, but if they save you from ringing as a result of music distortion during a session then they’ve gorra be worth a look.

There are Thievery Corporation-branded EarPeaces, Massive Attack’s been wearing ‘em – and they come in this handy tube that looks like a bullet chamber, aka a ‘premium carry case’… Potentially sinister? Never.

Well, that's all for now, keep cool and carry on, tech-heads, tatty bye!


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