Style, shopping and sounds at Secretsundaze

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 3/11/10 9:48

Throughout the summer Secretsundaze has attracted some of London's most stylish like a moth to a flame. From urban glamazon to east end hipster, fashion savvy clubbers flock to the daytime party's hard to find locations to get elegantly wasted without the hoi polloi.

So as 2010's season draws to a close, we caught up with some of the Sunday session revelers at the final event of the year to talk about their style, music taste and more. Plus, we discover why eBay and Doc Martens rule supreme, and learn that it's Topshop and quirky boutique Behave that remain the cool kids best kept fashion secret.

Chloe, 28, a dental nurse and husband Karl, 29, an engineer.Chloe, 28, a dental nurse & husband Karl, 29, an engineer.
Have you always come to Secretsundaze?
Chloe: We usually come to the opening parties - this is our first closing party. We came down as this party was more underground and not so commercial.

What do you think of the venue?
Karl: When they put the event on somewhere like here [a derelict barn-style warehouse in the middle of nowhere], people love it - they come here for a big party. Not long after Secretsundaze started, it got too big, too commercial. Now they're taking it back to its roots. You just have to look at this venue to see that they really want to get it back to what it used to be like.

What else have you been up to this year?
Karl: We got back from Ibiza a couple of weeks ago. We were there just before the closing parties and went to Space on the Sunday.

There's been some good reviews about We Love Space Sundays this year - what did you think?
Chloe: It was brilliant! But the best place we went to was DC10, the people were just like you get in London, there was a happy vibe and cheap drinks too. DC10 is where the party is at - the people really feel the music.

When you were getting dressed for tonight, did you put a lot of thought into your outfit?
Chloe: Yeah I did actually. My friend rang me to ask what I was going to wear and I said the kind of Hackney, east London thing: black jeans, kitten boots and a skull print top. My style is comfortable, relaxed, kind of urban and not too in your face. I've a bit of a monochrome theme going on.

And some subtle matching too...
Chloe: I never noticed that until now!

I like your T-shirt, where's it from?
Karl: I can't tell you that - everyone will want to have it.

Where do you shop?
Chloe: Beware on Brick Lane, Topshop, vintage shops and I buy a lot of things on the internet at places like eBay - you can pick up the best bargains there.

Karl: Barracuda [a Los Angeles store] and I buy a lot of things on the internet too. I like English brands, classics like Fred Perry and Ben Sherman.


Amy, 25, a freelance dancer.Amy, 25, a freelance dancer.
What nights do you usually head to?
Last night I was around Hoxton square, they play lots of 60s classics that I'm really into like The Kinks. Occasionally I'll go to Fabric, but only for the big nights like Fat Boy Slim or The Chemical Brothers.

What kind of music do you love the most?
I'm mainly into band stuff, my favourite is Radiohead. I love a lot of 60s stuff, soul music and I like a lot of electro stuff too. I'm a dancer so I have to dance to lots of different music, so it's just sort of an eclectic mix really.

Tell me about what you're wearing.
I love Doc Martens - they're the most comfortable shoes ever, they last forever and go with everything. I got these ones from eBay for about a fiver. My top is sort of a 80s New Romantic shirt. I love it because it reminds me of Spandau Ballet.

I bought my fur coat from a man in Brighton who was selling stuff on the side of the road. He must have been about 70 and he was selling what looked like his grandma's stuff - loads of crazy attic finds. He wanted to sell the coat for about £60, which I thought was too much so I walked away. He then said, "Hang on, try it on". When I did, he said "I tell you what; the coat matches the colour of your eyes so I'll sell it to you for £30".

Did you give a lot of thought into what you were going to wear today?
Not really. Three hours ago I was just going to hang out on Brick Lane so I put this on. We were going to go to Fabric tonight so I probably would have got changed. I put on the warmest coat I own as it's freezing!

Where do you shop?
I do like Topshop but really I'm such a Brick Lane girl. I love all the retro shops like Rokit, Beyond Retro and then just charity shops, oh and raiding my Nan's wardrobe.

What was the last album you downloaded?
Crystal Fires - their new album. I was in their music video not long ago so that's how I heard of them. They're from Spain and a lot of their stuff is inspired by bass country music, which is from between Spain and France. They make electro, folky stuff and it's just really fun and really cool.


Katie, 27, an intern at The Secret Agency.Katie, 27, an intern at The Secret Agency.
Have you been to many Secretsundaze before?
I haven't actually. I think I went to one when it was on in TDK, but this is my first official one at somewhere like this - I love the venue.

What's The Secret Agency?
It's the DJ agency for Giles Smith and James Priestly, plus they look after Secretsundaze. I'm helping the main agent, assisting the tours and travel and promoting the artists on our website.

What kind of music are you into?
Dubstep, electronicy stuff. At the moment I really like Hudson Mohawk, Joy Orbison and bands that can be quite dancy, like Leftfield.

What was the last thing you downloaded?
James Blake, slightly dubsteppy stuff.

What's been the highlight of 2010 for you so far?
All my festivals. Secret Garden Party, Bestival and Glastonbury. Secret Garden Party was ace!

What have you got lined up for the rest of 2010?
I'm seeing Caribou, Four Tet and Nathan Fake at the Coronet. I'm going on a boat this Sunday that The Correspondents are playing on, it's like a big swing boat going down the Thames.

Where do you like to shop?
I like a bit of vintage so Beyond Retro, then American Apparel, Topshop, Urban Outfitters and eBay. I love eBay; you get a bit obsessed though!

Tell me about what you're wearing today.
I think I'm wearing lots of Topshop! This is the 'Magician's Coat' as it's spotty. My boots are from New Look and my trousers are from Topshop too.

What's your ideal Saturday night?
A techno rave!

Describe your style.
It changes. I think I've gone grungier of late and I've embraced the Doc Martens. I don't like being too dressed up, I like to be laidback and not too pretty; if I was wearing something floral I'd team it with big boots.

Who's your style icon?
I do love Alexa Chung a little and I love Chloe Sevigny.


Will, 28, a graphic designer. Will, 28, a graphic designer.
What nights or festivals have you been to this year?
Burning Man festival, The Miami Winter Music Conference and another electro conference in Detroit.

What do you do for work?
I'm a graphic designer, but I have friends in the music industry so I travel with them.

What did you think about Burning Man?
It was amazing - the best thing I've ever been to.

What else do you have lined up for 2010 - any big nights?
I might go to Mexico for New Year's Eve. There's a Cross Town Rebel party out there I'd like to be at.

What sort of music are you into?
All sorts - house, R 'n' B. DJ wise, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and Shaun Reeves.

Where do you like to shop?
Behave in Brick Lane and Selfridges.

Describe your style...
I mix and match whatever I like. As long as it looks good - I don't like to plan it too much. Whatever's clean really!

Why did you choose to wear what you've got on today?
I bought this T-shirt a couple of weeks ago so it's new; it's by Vibe Tribe and from Behave actually. I put this jumper on as it's a bit chilly and these jeans were clean so they went on too.

So it's important to you that things have to be clean?
No not really, things just fit better when they're clean!

Do you have a style icon?
No. Just whatever's clean, and whatever I can rob off my flatmate!



Dickie, 28, a promoter.Dickie, 28, a promoter.
Are you a regular at Secretsundaze?
I've been coming for years, since it started. I'm mates with Giles and James so I came to support them.

It's starting to kick off in here, don't you think?
Yeah, it's starting to get a little bit throddy.

What's that?
It's a word that Giles invented. It's hard to describe what it means, it's like when the music starts to get a bit funkier and everyone's a bit more wasted - then you can just describe the vibe as 'throddy'.

Before throddy its 'frappy' - that's when there's a gentle grove, so you're 'frapping away'.

What sort of music are you into?
House, disco and 80s boogie music. Predominantly dance music in its various guises.

Where do you shop?
I do a lot of travelling so I shop when I'm abroad, usually in Los Angeles or Europe.



Ben, 27, a 'Secret Agent' for The Secret Agency.Ben, 27, a 'Secret Agent' for The Secret Agency.
So you work for Secretsundaze?

Yeah, I run the booking agency and have done so for nearly a year.

So what's been happening behind the scenes recently?
This season we've gone really, really underground. We're focusing on the parties, reining things in and relying on word of mouth to make our events really special.

What have you been up to this weekend?
I've been moving house all day, I'm pretty gassed. I got here about an hour ago, I needed to get out.

Is this work or pleasure?
This is pleasure. I don't really have too much to do with the events although help out when needed, but I mainly concentrate on the agency.

So is this the kind of music you listen to normally?
Yeah, absolutely - I'm really into the house scene.

Any current favourites?
At the moment I'm really feeling Space Dimension Controller. He's a 19 year old from Ireland who's making really fresh sounds that have naivety and charm to them. Wbeeza is another favourite too.

DJ wise, Patrice Scott and Keith Worthy are my current favourites. I saw them at Plastic People recently; they both play the most unbelievable high-end house music out there just now.

What do you think about the nightlife in London?
I'm a massive fan of it. I moved down about a year ago from Nottingham, which is pretty tame. In London, the options are just amazing.

So you don't think the London scene is dying?
Well I've only been here a year so I'm still very fresh to it. I know a lot of people that are really bitter, they think that London's not as good as it used to be, it's shit bla, bla bla but fuck it - there are still parties like this.

What went into choosing your outfit today?
Well, as I'm in the middle of moving houses, all my clothes are in boxes so I just thought I'd wear whatever was at the top and this is what came out. Basically, I wore the same T-shirt to the last Secretsundaze so I needed to be a bit inventive with it.

I hope you've washed it...
Of course I have. I just had to put a different spin on it this time so I put a knot in the hood.


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