Hironori Takahashi - Gaya's Archetype EP on Aconito Records

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 22/11/10 10:23

Japanese producer Hironori Takahashi is a relative newcomer to the techno scene and this three tracker for London's Aconito Records is his first major release after a string of decent releases for smaller imprints. "Gaya's Archetype" is a nice balance of relentless techno fury  ("Serv") and subtle musical cues (both mixes of "Outgass") that comes as nice break from the mediocre and mundane this winter season.

"Serv" starts things off on a tough, minimal techno note. Musical progressions are stripped away in favor of a relentless assembly line techno feel that sounds like computers and heavy machinery getting together for an after work jam session.

The track drives like a tractor-trailer on steroids with no brakes barreling through harmony, melody, and other musical conventions like an out-of-control big rig. It's refreshing to hear tight and lean grooves done well and Takahashi more than proves himself on the opening cut.

Aconito owner nAX_Acid reworks the second original on "Gaya's Archetype" entitled "Outgass". The remix is of the chin-stroking variety with Scuba-esque off-kilter rhythms, old school drum fills, and an inventive melody constructed of various droning synth lines.

It's the perfect musical counterbalance to the mechanical precision of "Serv" with excellent harmonic progressions giving it a memorable quality that borders on haunting.

After the charming quirkiness of the remix, the original version of "Outgass" seems anemic in comparison. The bell chime melodies and huge synth pads are accentuated in the original version but the rote drum kits and minimal are stale in comparison to the remix or the other original. Despite that flaw, the track still evokes some great chill out vibes that are difficult to ignore and better than the majority of the competition. 

Artist: Hironori Takahashi
Title: Gaya’s Archetype EP
Label: Aconito Records

Serv – Hironori Takahashi
Outgass (Edit) – nAX_Acid
Outgass (Original) – Hironori Takahashi


Our Rating: 7,5/10
Hironori Takahashi


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