Charles Moui - Boys & Girls on Fatal Music

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 20/12/10 10:27

DJ Jaimy's Fatal Music imprint is best known for hard charging peak hour house music with an emphasis on chugging, tribal drums. The enigmatic Charles Moui offers a pleasant diversion on his Boys & Girls EP; the original three tracks delve into spacy, hypnotic rhythms that still maintain the label's signature relentless main room drive. The result is an ace collection that offers a counter argument to the notion that big tracks can't be nuanced or interesting.

The titular cut uses a slight melody that recalls the recent work of Maetrik for the Bedrock imprint. The rest is a minimal selection of elements: booming big room drums, a buzzing synth loop, a shuffling high hat pattern, and some shaker work. The rest is all the kind of suppressed melodic intentions that made Krautrock so much fun. On paper, it seems rather bland but in execution the mysterious Mr. Moui makes it come to life for a 4AM speaker melter.

"2 The Core" is sweet cool down track, icy in scope with ample amounts of space surrounding the various elements comprising the music. In some ways it recalls Jaimy's work from the early '90s with its drifting live keyboard melodies mixed together with soulful old piano house beats. Again, the market is littered with zillions of tracks just like this one but there is an interesting cinematic quality on it that gives it some guts.

Rounding out the collection, "Pure", is by far the most out there of the bunch. Gated drums that sound like they were sampled from PiL's seminal drum album Flowers of Romance give the track a "We Will Rock You", bleacher stomping appeal. That's the most conventional element, the rest of this bizarro b-side is comprised of otherworldly chanting, didgeridoos, and sludgy bongos. The pseudo-cinematic melody here sounds more DMT than Bernard Hermann and that, for better or worse, is perhaps the track's strongest appeal. This one will either appeal to all the renegades in the Northern hemisphere or make the perfect sound system tune for DJs "down under" prepping for a long summer ahead.

Artist: Charles Moui
Title: Boys & Girls
Label: Fatal Music

Boys & Girls
2 The Core

Our Rating: 6/10
Charles Moui


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