The Tech Selection Section # TTSS011

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 6/12/10 16:29

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS011Holidays are coming and consequently Decemberrr's edition of TTSS delivers by bringing more cheer than a sack full o' santas as we unwrap a festive edition that looks over Novation's UltraNova, Djay for iPad, an 'Alien Skies' sample DVD, and a bizarro Beatbox by Google (and bloggers worldwide).

 So now you know what to ask for this Christmas, if you celebrate Christmas and believe in buying pressies and all that jive. If not why not create something yourself like they're doing over on Instructables this month?. Or perhaps try putting the gas back into gastronomy with this nitrous oxide whipper? >>

Anyway, as we hurtle towards twenty eleven don't forget to wrap up warm, kids. Hey, even has a range of fingerless 'technology gloves' that mean you can keep in touch with your gadgets without loosing your grip on the electronic world. 

Happy, happy holidays!

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Champagne UltraNova
Novation’s UltraNova is the latest analogue-modelling synthesiser in the famous ‘Nova’ range and, as you would expect, it houses some dope sounds – in fact there are around 300 of ‘em to browse through!

Based on the SuperNova II synth engine, but cramming in more up-to-date technology, this baby looks the business in electric blue and has spanking new features like wavetable synthesis, better filters, a software plug-in editor and new ‘touch-sense’ controls. It also has a sweet 12-band vocoder, a Patch Librarian and a built-in (2 in/4 out) USB audio interface.

OK, so the demo video might be a bit lame but phwar but we reckon this kit’s poppin’!

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The riddim of life? Djay for iPad
Touching down in plenty of time for Crimbo day, djay is a new iPad DJ app. Flagging up thinking that’s been waiting to come into its own and pointing us in the right direction are the great creators algoriddim, who have transplanted their djay software over to iPad. As they put it, enabling everyone to become a DJ [gasps]...

Djay for iPad has waveforms so you can ‘see’ your mix, a 3-band EQ for mixing, and it allows you to access your iTunes library (surprise, surprise) and mix, automix and scratch away ‘till your heart’s content.

You can also record your performance to bore/entertain your friends later. As an iOS 4.2-friendly gadget, you can furthermore stream your mix wirelessly to any AirPlay supported device, which is also pretty neat.

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Out of this world: Alien Skies
If you’re someone who still buys sample libraries, then Zero-G’s ‘Alien Skies - Cinematic Ambiences 2’ (a follow up to the company’s ‘Dark Skies’) could be a good choice for taking your music to another dimension.

Alien Skies’ provides a vast range of soundscapes, effects, textures and drones throughout its 4GB double DVD and is not only useful for creating compositions for games and chill-out sessions but also for any other kind of music. Here, sound sources utilised run the gamut from Ecuadorian folk strings to Indian flutes to industrial machines.

Original, royalty-free and described by its makers as being ‘at the zenith of modern cinematic sound design’, sample formats include 720 Acidised WAV files, 720 AIFF Apple Loops, 810 Kontakt Instruments, 810 EXS24 Instruments and 810 NN-XT Instruments. Enjoy the trip!

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Rapper’s Delight?
Beware human beatbox Beardyman, you’ve got some new competition and it’s from a PC: Google to be precise. We all know Google is good at taking over the world as a search engine but something you might not know is that they’re now in the Beatbox bizness via their Translate feature.

So just in case you haven’t checked it out yet, here it is folks...
And it goes a little sumtin’ like this: pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk… etc...

Yes, it started out as a German translation but the hacktivist blogosphere crew has been busy adapting this nonsense into Russian, Italian, Spanish and a whole lot more, while Chilean mash-up head ‘Chulini’ takes it one step further (see link)...|de|

Once again that’s all we have time for – so stay tuned, enjoy the holidays, and keep on mixing it up peeps!


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