Ahmet Sisman - Playing With Acid EP on Slash

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 8/12/10 10:31

The elements may be familiar ones, but the finished product is something relatively distinctive. That's the feeling I always have when listening to an Ahmet Sisman production. Over the last eighteen months or so Sisman has become one of the more vital producers of deep, hedonistic, funk-fuelled house music. Think Hot Natured after a heavy session of magic mushrooms crossed with the tribal techy sound that emerged out of California at the turn of the century on labels such as Siesta.

'Playing With Acid' is a deep, squelchy stomp of a track that motors along to the accompaniment of ghostly disembodied voices that rise and fall in synthesised wails, it's got funk in spades and it defies you to keep still. It's obvious tendencies towards eighties black synth soul are very much in vogue at the moment and they align it with the aforementioned Hot Natured crew, as well as other kindred spirits like Soul Clap and Wolf and Lamb.

'Feel Today Think Tomorrow' makes similar use of deep-in-the-mix vocals, but even though there's a similar tempo to the track, the musical elements are slightly different and serve to emphasise a guitar lick that is expertly used to create a euphoric window that, on the one hand had me scratching my head, but on the other grinning like an idiot.

'No Return No Regret' is a bittersweet, bordering on melancholic, track that again uses a subdued cut and spliced vocal to devastating effect, along with a harpsichord-like break that evokes, amongst other things, the theme tune to "The Persuaders." After that it plunges into the darkness once more.

What I like about this record is that even though the three tracks present are all made up of the same principal parts: driving beat, disembodied vocals, an individual flourish or two on top; they each evoke so much and work on so many different levels. Ahmet Sisman has hit upon a winning formula, the time of which has most certainly come.

Artist: Ahmet Sisman
Title: Playing With Acid EP
Label: Slash

Playing With Acid
Feel Today Think Tomorrow
No Return No Regret


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Ahmet Sisman


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