Various Artists - Love Session Volume 2 on Jetaime Records

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 20/12/10 10:54

Jetaime return to drop the second volume of their Love Session with a wonderfully warm, comfortable and above all sensual EP crafted by their closest friends and allies. Each track comes with a stunning array of originality and displays yet again why Jetaime have what it takes to distinguish themselves from the chasing pack. The four tracks on this EP will not only touch every sense you have, it'll find ones you didn't even realise you had!

Okain continues his rapid ascendency to the top whilst applying his talent to the first track "Corner Boys". Returning to Jetaime after the success of his 'Acrobat' for the imprint back in January, the Parisian producer slips straight into some sexy, rhythmic beats before then dropping an irresistibly old school bassline that when accompanied by the simple hook makes for a heads down piece of rave culture. It's modern house music, but wrapped up in all the sensual and emotive markers of the early days of house.

Next up, label boss Alex Dee delivers a suitably inventive slice of party focused house music. Starting off with bass sunken 4/4s, Alex then works in cheeky R&B like samples to create a truly playful sound. This combination of contemporary beats and playful vocal really works and sets 'Sundae' up as the perfect party anthem for discernable clubbers.

Yakine steps up the gears somewhat as we move onto track three, pushing out a succulent taste of Chicago inspired house on 'U Dance.' Tight beats and party field recordings soon make way for a killer bassline that churns and grooves in equal measure. Filtered Rhodes and a spoken vocal add real warmth but that persistent bassline makes this one a tune for the floor.

Closing proceedings, Varoslav takes us into spooky territory with the aptly named 'Dancin' Like Ghosts.' The hollow beats are deeply hypnotic which when combined with the constant pulse of delicate synths and piercing hats, together with its demonic vocal, make it a perfect number for those dark cellar gigs. 

Various Artists
Title: Love Session Volume 2
Label: Jetaime Records

Okain - Corner Boys
Alex Dee - Sundae
Yakine - U Dance
Varoslav -  Dancin' Like Ghosts

Our Rating: 8/10
Various Artists


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