"TOYS & NEEDS" - A better Christmas to people in need

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 13/12/10 17:26

Bono, Geldoff and Wycliffe take care of pop, rock and R&B but Jay Haze is undoubtedly one of the dance music's greatest philanthropist. His ongoing and highly commendable charity work takes a new direction this December as he leads his Tuning Spork imprint through his latest initiative, 'Toys and Needs.' The campaign is aimed at generating a better Christmas for vulnerable children and communities around South America whilst creating political awareness to the current situation in the region.

Jay is asking promoters, DJs, venues and music lovers across the globe to join forces and help to make a difference in the run up to Christmas. On any date before December 18th a series of charity events under the 'Toys & Needs' banner will take place simultaneously worldwide, giving the events or performers that would like to participate the chance to offer as much as they are able to of their door fee, DJ fee or bar profit alongside simply asking their crowd to donate throughout the night - the organisation takes the viewpoint that anything, everything, every little helps!

Jay HazeAs Jay himself explains, "Every human being in this planet is born with an innate ability to help other people in some way. The trick lies in practice. It's usually easier and more rewarding than you might have expected. The world is full of people in need.

Get out there! Ask questions! Find a problem you can help with. This is not the time for alienating yourself when... We all know the future is about connectivity and we all have something to learn from one another.


The proceeds will provide children there with toys, books and educational resources and to improve their living conditions in Lima but should you wish, you can also donate towards Querataro in Mexico, Sao Paulo in Brazil and Bogota and Medellin in Colombia. Current participants in the scheme include Nick Curly, Jamie Jones, Dyed Soundorom, Lee Burridge, Jay Shepheard, Soul Clap and The Secret Agency amongst others.

Jay Haze has been involved with charity work throughout his entire career having first got involved at the age of eighteen. In addition to his work for a children's orphanage, Jay's DJS4DRC campaign raised an impressive €100,000 for women and children affected by rape and violence in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo.

He donated all the profit from his acclaimed Fabric mix in 2009 and even added 50% of the accompanying tour's proceeds to the cause, providing invaluable care for children who have lost their families in conflict.

Having re-located to Lima in Peru earlier this year to work on his new album "love = evolution"  Jay has been struck by the poverty that surrounds him there and has sprung into action. Jay's humanitarian work should be highly praised by everyone involved within this industry. Many DJs are used to a pampered, jet-setting lifestyle and the very fact that Jay continues to strive to give something back makes him the perfect role model for an industry that truly has the potential to provide large scale help on a global basis.


Help us give a better Christmas to people in need.


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