Jeremy P. Caulfield - Affiche Sauvage on Dumb-Unit Records

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 21/12/10 13:47

Dumb-Unit went all out this past year in celebration of their ten-year anniversary with mature, well-crafted and interesting singles from Maetrik, Exercise One, and label owner Jeremy P. Caulfield. The Seph album Alquimia proved the label could do age-appropriate techno for the small room that wasn't just the usual bunch of knob-twiddling shit and now Caulfield closes out the year with a bonafide floor filling banger on the face of this chunky two-tracker. Versatility thy name was Dumb-Unit in 2010.

"Chien Perdu" is rooted in old Caulfield tracks such as "Ripped Backsides" with a tightly wound rhythmic drive, a warm bass line, and some fun little vocal snippets. It's controlled chaos that can easily control a dance floor but with a friendly, no obligation vibe. The long, relentless groove gives it a tracky house tool feel but with enough dynamics shifts to keep it musically interesting despite the compact packaging.

The track is a different side of the wide-ranging Dumb-Unit sound and closes out the year nicely for the label.

"Ce Soir Ou Jamais" is a little more interesting and falls more in line with the DU aesthetic of chilled out techno. A sleek set of precision sounds shroud a dub-techno influenced cut and dark bass line. It starts simple and builds slowly adding new layers bit by bit slowly creeping up on an unsuspecting crowd. By the time the track closes, it has shifted gears into a menacing late night weapon of relentless psychedelic grooves and pounding drums.

The result is another example of what has kept Dumb-Unit so interesting this year, a willingness to push just a little outside the art form. 

Artist: Jeremy P. Caulfield
Title: Affiche Sauvage
Label: Dumb Unit

Track List:
Chien Perdu
Ce Soir Ou Jamais

Our Rating: 8/10
Jeremy P. Caulfield


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