Gold Code - The Day After EP on Nude Photo Music

Words by: Jack O'Shaughnessy
Posted: 23/12/10 13:18

The original purpose of a remix package is to offer a diverse range of interpretations of an original track. Too often, though, a remix EP is usually three or four reworks of the same sound: redundant variations on a theme. It's like buying a pack of M&M's but the bag is only filled with the yellow ones.

Fortunately, Portland, OR based. record label Nude Photo Music goes back to the roots of the EP by presenting a rich and eclectic group of remixes on its tenth release, The Day After EP. Electro, tech-house, breaks - this EP has something to satisfy a wide-range of tastes.

The original track, The Day After, finds long-time San Francisco DJ and promoter Rafael Zavellos-Crowe AKA Gold Code providing a classic electro workout. This track is pure old-school electro in the vain of Detroit's Drexciya and Underground Resistance. A big, analogue bass line guides this track along while nice atmospherics glide in and out of the mix.

The track mutates and morphs through nice rhythm changes and breakdowns that keeps it fresh throughout.

The Audioelectronic mix takes the original into deep tech-house territory with warm, gorgeous chords ebbing and flowing through the mix. In the middle of the mix, the track turns into a melodic groove with nice sounds and details that give this track such a nice feel. Really quality stuff.

The Jonah Sharp mix offers an epic ambient techno voyage. The sound palette and production value are of the quality that is to be expected from this veteran producer. Deep layers of sound float behind an incessant groove that expands as new and unexpected details come and go throughout the track. There's so much going on in this track but everything is so subtle that it never overwhelms. Warm, dreamy, futuristic, driving - this track has it all.

Portland is represented once again, with emerging young producer Chris Firenze offering up a tough and tracky techno remix with filtered disco elements. The track has tons of energy and bouncy beats that are high quality but the bumpin' disco bass line seems unsure and out-of-place. The combo is not a pleasant one but does manage to showcase the talented Firenze's growing body of work.

When was the last time someone put out a decent electro breaks track that wasn't Mau5-damaged? To answer that question Nude Photo had to enlist the talents of O.G. San Francisco producer Jon Drukman aka Bass Kittens. The remix sounds crisp, warm, and analog - the kind of old school techno roughness that has been stripped away by sleeker, more dulcet strains of the genre. It's a nice change pace and a perfect closing sentiment for a notably diverse release. 

Artist: Gold Code
Title: The Day After EP
Label: Nude Photo Music

The Day After (Original)
The Day After (Audioelectronic Mix)
The Day After (Jonah Sharp Mix)
The Day After (Chris Firenze Mix)
The Day After (Basskittens Mix)

Our Rating: 7,5/10
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