The Tech Selection Section # TTSS012

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 3/1/11 11:54

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS012Calling all global citi-zens. We know you are smarter than a smartphone, more eager than the early adopters of iPad 2, more innovative than the me-too tabs about to drop - and geekier than Ableton's first Hackathon » all-nighter. Yes, we are talking about you, my iGeneration! 

Hey, it might have been a year of floods, earthquakes, leaks, spills, thrills, trapped miners, tea parties, and austerity. But now twenty eleven is here; now South Korean schools employ robot teachers (see here), so are we just around the corner from auto-star-DJs? The mind boggles. Whatever. Here's to a happy, healthy new year that's full of tech, techno, and fun. January 2011 sees the big Namm show take place in the United States, but we won't be there 'cos we're here, with TTSS012...

Since da big 'i' dominated much of 2010, in this episode we doff our caps to their marketing/alleged market dominance and include two Apple related gizmos. We also look at Arturia's special offer for January and Moog's new biggie, the Slim Fatty synth. Enjoy.


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Oh boy, it’s Moog’s Slim Fatty
Knob twiddlers rejoice. It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere; Moog Music has unleashed the long-awaited monster mash that is the Slim Fatty. A touchy feely piece of synth-topia sporting a 100% analogue signal path, delivering that badass, gut-rumbling, farty-party sound that we all know and love.

With DNA from Moog’s Little Phatty and featuring the famous Moog Ladder filter it then brings benefits from USB, MIDI and Control Voltage connectivity, dual oscillator sound design, Arpeggiator and LFO Sync to MIDI and Tap Temp, and even new Tuning Scale powers.

Described as the most portable Moog synth yet, the rack steady Slim Fatty is just 17-inches wide and aimed at travelling minstrels everywhere. Yup, it’s another booty folks.

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Organic amplification, from Koostik
Feel like keepin’ it real and staying ‘unplugged’ in 2011? Well, organic attitudes are amplified with this all-natural wooden iPhone dock, handmade by American adventurists Koostik (aka woodworker Jim, book worm Jancy and IT wizard Mike).

Looks cool, huh? Indeed. Following a year of prototype frolicks, the Koostik kit comes complete with, well, wood, as well as the ‘technology made natural’ tagline. The dock acoustically amplifies your phone by two or four times its volume output, while the team points to a guitar to explain why...

Koostik come in various different woods, including Cherry, Maple and Walnut. They’re not exactly cheap but they are pretty eye catching. Why not try one with the upcoming iPhone 5?

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It’s time for wearable tech, by Hex
Some say wearable tech will be all the rave this year. However, if, for now, that fancy LED ball-gown is just outta reach, why not grab a Hex Watch Band, aka a holder for the iPod nano (Gen 6).

Hex designs tech accessories like this mega durable silicon wrist adornment, which is available in no less than nine different colours. Fancy.

You can easily access all your buttons etc, and the design even allows the headphone cord to run right up your arm/through a sleeve so you don’t become a tangled mess of wires.

The funny promo video explains how it all works; but really it’s just a matter of popping your iPod into the Watch Band – simples.

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Arturia’s January offer
These guys create fab synth software/impostors – behold electronic pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre in the video harping on about his Arturia love. If you agree then take a look at this V-Collection and Analog Laboratory package and pick up the bundle for the price of the V Collection Analog Laboratory alone. Arturia reaches for the finest analogue sound from digital formats and from this sweet virtual production suite. In the V-Collection there’s legendary action from the Minimoog-V, Moog Modular-V, CS-80V, Prophet-V, ARP2600 V and Jupiter-8V. It also includes 3500 presets.

Analog Laboratory then facilitates full control and features 200 scenes, arranged by genre, with drum loops, layering, and multi and advanced arpeggiated melodies. The V-Collection/Analog Laboratory offer is only available before 31st January at US$ 549/Euro 499.

Well, cheers all, we hope you enjoyed your champagne/cava/prosecco/spumante, etc, over the holidays.
Happy New Year - and here's to yet more bubbles in 2011!


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