The Tech Selection Section # TTSS013

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 9/3/11 18:38

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS013Hi-de-hi campers. After a month away from the fray, we're back!  As therapeutic as a good dose of Monarch Mind Programming, as illuminating as our Good Lady's new music video, as freaky as Charlie Sheen's mega-manic-meltdown, and as geeky as the MusikMesse exhibition that takes place next month over in Frankfurt.

So what's new for lucky section 13? Well, this month our inspect-her gadget selection looks at the iPad 2, Numark's new NS6 controller, Pioneer's Nexus mixer, and Fraganator's Arcade MIDI controller.

Phew, blow me, what an effort... Enjoy!




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iPad 2: Apple keeps droppin’ the tablets
It might be ‘ridiculously fun’ but will the new iPad 2 be kicking the laptop out of the DJ booth? Well, for starters, they’ve done unthinkable things to things like its graphics, speed and thinness. And with front/rear cameras they’ve taken phone sex to a whole new level.

Hmm… It certainly doesn’t look like an Etch A Sketch like JazzMutant’s Lemur controller does, but can it possibly top the laptop? Well, we don’t think so, just yet, but a cooler-looking DJ accessory is hard to find...

Sure Motorola’s Xoom is the other competitor, boasting USB/SD and a host of other extras, and yet potentially still keeping ahead in this tablet race, due to apps soon coming out of its ears, iPad 2 could be hard to beat for DJs in 2011.

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Numark’s NS6: ITCHin to get @em!
We’re not sure if Numark’s NS6 Ultimo Controllerchanges everything’, as it so boldly claims, but this digital DJ controller for Serato ITCH looks pretty fun. The all-in-one controller and 4-channel mixer with four-deck software control and EFX houses (‘3,600 ticks of resolution per rotation’!) double platters that have been designed in cahoots with Serato.

Add to this the advanced Strip Search virtual needle drop feature (first introduced on its NS7, see TTSS001), 24-bit audio and ITCH DJ software, and, for sure, you’ve got quite a neat package.

To find out more about the new NS6, join Numark’s Product Developer, Chris Roman, in the clip...

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Pioneer’s Nexus: club bound mixin’?
Beware all DJM-800 mixer users, there’s a new kid on the block – the super-connectable, laptop-friendly, Traktor-certified DJM-900. And, no doubt, it’s sure to be crashing into many big rich clubs near you from this month onwards...

Naturally, it’s rocking some ear-mangling, stomach-churning effects; just watch out for the ‘insanely high quality’ beat EFX. Crazy. Anyway, check out the video, below, where ‘space’ cadet James Zabiela and his pal Nic Fancuilli officially welcome Nexus to the DJ world.

The 900’s in-built XPad isn’t taking the place of JZ’s iPad, just yet, but it all seems to be getting more hands-on in terms of un/really ‘touching’ the sounds (a trend highlighted by our Down the Production Hole series).

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Attack of the Arcade MIDI Controller!  
Bored? Fed up of wave after wave of ‘official’ kit? Want Total Control, your own way? Well, why not build your own MIDI controller from scratch? Indeed, for around 70 euros this little puppy could be yours. See? Attack of the Arcade MIDI Controller is the work of talented tech tweaker the ‘Fraganator’...

Boing, ping, boom, cha-ping...’ Yes, MIDI is the message here with this modified arcade-style ‘game boy’, which will take you all the way back to the old skool Space Invader days. Meanwhile, behold, the DJ software used in the video is Native Instruments’ Traktor.  We’re not so sure you’ll see this beauty in Frankfurt this April, so check it out now... (Cool tunes and all!)

[Disclaimer: on your head be it: I Voice accepts no blame for any electrocutions or suffering obtained during the making of homemade devices!]

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