The Tech Selection Section # TTSS014

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 19/4/11 10:21

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS014Hi-de-hi campers! Yes, spring is heating us all up like a witch's cauldron, as we're back in the room of gadget mirrory with another slice of The Tech Selection. This time we're casting an eye (and only one - illumintee stylee) over Livid's Block iPad dock, DJ Tech's MyScratch, Allen & Heath's new 'phones, and Mike's homemade wristwatch turntables...

And if you don't like any of those, you can always try this: a new VIP toilet with ultra-hygienic touchscreen controls, bowl illumination, and an in-built music cistern. (No shit!) Watch Video here »

And if your heads ain't ready for that then we're back to this... and if you don't want to read this then just try watching the video gaga for more circuit bending technolgee!




Livid's Block iPad

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Block around the dock!
Coming soooon… It’s not all about toilets, you know. There is much ado about touchscreens in DJing at the moment. So we thought to flag up this clip. It has just been released by Livid Instruments, those self-confessed creators of ‘living controllers’. Behold: Livid’s Block iPad dock… a good enough reason to buy a touch pad for ya?

As their demo shows, here is a new controller system that mixes a touchscreen – namely your iPad, or even a netbook – with the old skool knobs and buttons approach to sonic sculpture; basically, a Block with an in-built iPad dock. It also shows how you can incorporate Ableton Live, Max for Live, their own Cell DNA video software, and more.

Although, visually, it’s slightly more screen-saver than Scott Pagano, it’s still a very interesting DJ-friendly control combo. Check it out...

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MyScratch. Or yours?
The little known DJ Tech brand has a new USB-powered scratch controller – called, wait for it, MyScratch. As you can see, it has a two deck and mixer section-style layout, 3-band EQ, and four buttons on each ‘deck’ for hot cues, loops, samples, etc.

The multi-purpose jog wheel is used for Scratch, Pitch, Search and FX control and it comes with Virtual DJ LE software. It also uses MIDI and has HID support.

You won’t find it in the DJ booth at Pacha but it looks fun enough to use and won’t break the bank. So now you can learn how to DJ and come to Ibiza this summer. It also comes as a MyScratch pack, complete with a DJ Tech audio interface and headphones. 
Phone Xone
Allen & Heath’s new offering from its range of Xone headphones is the XD-20 - lightweight (that’s 12g) in-ear monitors for your listening pleasure.
Described by their makers as ‘professional DJ headphones’, for ‘off-duty DJs’, we’re not sure exactly how well they will stand up to a good hammering in a banging club, but they’re pretty cheap as they go! 

Well we can’t think of much else to say other than they look cool, in a covert digital lifestyle kinda way. (We also have latent issues with in-ear buds: don’t they hurt your ears/cave in your cannels, or is that just bad science/seals?) Anyway, apparently these have ‘super-soft’ seals, and here’s Xone design boss Andy Rigby-Jones’ input:
…With the XD-20s, we wanted to offer off-duty DJs – or any user – a pair of quality compact headphones designed for electronic music reproduction. We were determined to create an in-ear design that delivers meaty bass to get a sense of how a track will work on a club PA system.

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Keeping those tables turning!
Lookie look: ‘Michael Saurus’ from Vancouver has recycled greeting cards, a hobby box, potentiometers, plastic pucks, and an old watch to fashion these cute wristwatch turntables.
Wikki, wikki, wack? Keeping the two-turntable-and-an-old-watch vibe alive, Michael has delivered a Total Portable Party solution, enabling you to drop the ones and twos anywhere. A fun little prototype with legs, and we can’t wait to see where Mike runs with it next…

Says Mr Saurus (aka Mike Waren): ‘Feel free to remix and modify any of the circuit bending shown in this project to create your own unique turntables…
Mike is currently focused on ‘reusing found materials and repurposing Dollar Store purchases’, plus he likes to keep busy by making cranberry vodka and hand-wiches…

OK, that’s all, folks. See you next time. Cheerio my cherubs! X


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