Danilo Schneider - Pour Mes Amis EP on Brouqade

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 30/5/11 9:59

Danilo Schneider is the master of moody, nuanced melancholic techno tracks. His new three-tracker for the similarly influenced Broquade imprint is perfection for those who appreciate the finer grained aspects of their techno music. There is a real sense of care and craftsmanship in his work and his latest EP is no different.

"L’école" is minimal in nature with a ceaseless groove that varies little but over time it becomes a strange sort of relentlessness as coy and hazy sounds bind and twist themselves around the beats and tricky bass line.

At first pass it doesn't seem like much, but multiple plays of it unveils a track full of clever musical passages and subtle accents that are quite satisfying.

The Buck remix has more of a bass-heavy summer time, almost West Coast house vibe. The chunky Latin percussion and deep, proggy melodies definitely strengthen that California connection - at least sonically.

The track chugs along doing all of the appropriate things but the big breakdown travels down well-worn paths and ultimately, despite the inspirational bass line, it doesn't do much musically - the kiss of death in house music.

 "Sablière" is textbook Schneider - strong, driving groove and moody melodies that are as lazy and rolling as a dub reggae tune.

The clash of the two elements always makes for great tension in his music and this track offers all of those distinct themes for a track that is equal parts dub techno, late night tech house, and psychedelic soul. The melodies are slight but add a tremendous sense of depth to the track, making it feel almost like an elegiac end-of-the-nighter despite its dance floor raw power and in all cases - memorable.

Artist: Danilo Schneider
Title: Pour Mes Amis EP
Label: Brouqade

L’école - Buck Remix


Our Rating: 7/10
Danilo Schneider


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