The Tech Selection Section # TTSS015

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 17/5/11 17:09

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS015With so much crazy stuff happening in the world right now, and Ibiza's opening season about to explode here on the island, you may be finding it hard to concentrate on what's new or interesting on the technology, gadgets and gizmos front. 

So why not relax with an ice-cold cervaza, or a vodka limon, and discover the unparalleled flavour of geek-chic through our very own Tech Selection Section?   

This month we are looking at Stefan Schmidt's new synthesiser (and it's a real beauty!), Marshall's Major headphones, Stanton's SCS.4DJ media player, and Christopher Locke's sculpture, the Analogue Tele-Phonographer.

Well, we hope you enjoy this episode. Have a super start to the summer and we'll meet you back here in June!  


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Oh Super Synth!
Yes. I know, just check out the workmanship on this little (45 kilo!) baby. Causing many to gasp ‘OMG’ at this year’s Musikmesse show was Stefan Schmidt’s all-analogue 8-voice polysynthesiser: behold the ‘Super Synth’...

And with a reported 157 knobs, 4 analogue oscillators, 7 filters, ‘many many’ modulations, various psychedelic LED colourations, and a joystick to boot, it’s not to be schniffed at!

Synth god Schmidt’s motivation for creating this DIY monster was, simply, ‘fun’. It has been six whole years in the making, and it’s priceless. In fact, in this video clip Schmidt couldn’t even hazard a guess at a price if it was to go into commercial production.

So, what say you? Do ya reckon Dr Moog would have approved?
Marshall Law
If you’re a guitar hero or just wanna listen to your tunes like a rockstar then Marshall’s Major headphones could be for you. Yes, Marshall has extended its brand and amplification legacy to cover these lovely-looking listening cans.

Here, the textured headband is made from the same robust vinyl as the company’s famous amps, and they fold up into a neat package for travelling.

With plenty of cushioning around the headband and ear cup, they do look like they’d be comfy as hell – not to mention their sonic isolation strengths and overall levels of street toughness. What’s more, they come with a one-year Premium replacement warranty, apparently. Nice.

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Make mixing easy on yourself
DJing can be made even easier as Stanton delivers the integrated computer, software and controller piece of kit known as the SCS.4DJ.  Here, no laptop is required as this easy to use entry-level media player rocks up with pre-loaded software.

You can browse, search and sort your tracks, and record mixes as WAV files for sharing. It also features an LCD, two platters using a scratch algorithm, built-in effects, and an on-board soundcard.

There are numerous USB connections, and a MIDI controller mode, so you can play files from USB memory, a hard drive or smart phone. And if you are learning to DJ you may be interested in the automatic synch functions that are available, too.

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Say hello to the Tele-Phonographer!
Christopher Locke’s innovative Analogue Tele-Phonographer is a device that he created specifically as a music/sound amplifier for his mobile phone/music player – check it out.

As you can see, fashioning this freestanding environmentally sound amp involved getting arty with a brassy toned busted up trumpet and a bunch of salvaged steel.

Appearing like something you’d see in a post-apocalyptic bar, where electric and batteries are some distant memory, we think it’s pretty cool!

This is a prototype sculpture, and we believe it’s been sold, so if you want one you’ll have to talk to

That’s all for now folks!


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