Jin Choi - Full Range EP on Serialism Records

Words by: Hannah Briley
Posted: 20/6/11 9:29

I've been a fan of Berlin based producer Jin Choi since I first heard his productions back in 2008 with 'Close To The Heat'.  There was something refreshingly different about him, his tracks were fiercely melodic and instrumental in a time when we were just coming out of our minimal phase and the majority of successful artists were still clicking and cutting into thin air. Choi however, demonstrated something else; a pure love of ambience, emotion and musicality above all. 

That signature of his has only grown in the years that have followed with Ep's such as 'Dig Your Own Out', 'You Are No Good' and more recently on his own imprint Private Gold with 'You've Done Me Wrong'.  As much as my personal taste lies firmly within Jin's range, I have to admit I was concerned that his style was so consistent that he may run into the danger of being labelled as an artist with little variety.  But then comes along his latest Ep 'Full Range' on Serialism Records and sweeps my fears gently aside.

'Full Range' kicks off with its muffled and gurgling lower end, spiralling round and round to the extent that it's an instant hypnotist.  Dark, deep and repetitive, Jin Choi's expectant sound is blown out of the water within seconds.  Crunchy claps arrive, immediately followed by crisp hats bubbling ferociously to the groove that's been created.

What comes next is the moody vocoded lyrics that project 'Full Range' even further into the hearts and feet of the dance floor. "Music is no longer irrelevant, music is the universal language, music embraces all therapeutic properties, music is the highest radiologic resolution".Couple this with the wooden and hollow drum syncopation, the simmering hypnosis of the rhythm and the trippy cosmic sirens darting into space it's the type of track that simply cannot fail to move us; both movement wise and with its vocal message that resonates with all music lovers. It's pumping, thundering modern house music that doesn't slip into an ambient pothole for a second.

Full Ranges  second offering is 'Half Baked' and although this sounds contradictory, I'm glad when that aforementioned ambience, emotion and musicality  is revisited only as Jin Choi knows how. Thumped out of key piano notes, deep wailing vocals that cry with emotion, the piercing snap of random crunches playing with airy tap xylophone taps - it screams Jin Choi in its bizarre arrangement and perfect imperfection.

Nominated for remix duty is Maceo Plex with not one, but two 'Half Baked' remixes. Plex's 'Deep' remix stands head and shoulders of the two for its simplistic yet spell pounding three chord mirror sequence if nothing else. Tempo quickened yet emotive attributes kept, Maceo Plex proves that simplicity is key by using a sped up snippet of the vocal, arresting bass line and lulling keys that veer 'Half Baked' straight into sexy deep house.  The 'Groove' remix doesn't achieve quite as many points though with its heavy kick, reverbed claps and techier feel. It's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, it's just that I'm so blown away by the 'Deep' remix that there's no room left for improvement on the same track. 

Lastly, 'Red Day' manages to combine both the pushy dance characteristics of 'Full Range' with the emotive make up of 'Half Baked'. Twisting and crunching machinery flirt with delicate acoustic piano keys and chords, their contrasting attributes tossing us between eyes closed sways and hip wrenching movement.  The 'Full Range' Ep discarded any fears I had of Jin Choi being a talented one trick pony and I'm now assured that he is simply an all round talent of many colours who, thus far, has only shown us a more smidgen of the many tricks to come .

Artist: Jin Choi
Title: Full Range EP
Label: Serialism Records

Full Range
Half Baked (Vinyl Edit)
Half Baked (Maceo Plex Deep Remix)
Half Baked (Maceo Plex Groove Remix) – Digital Only
Half Baked (Extended Edit) - Digital Only
Red Day – Digital Only


Our Rating: 7/10
Jin Choi


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