The Tech Selection Section # TTSS016

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 7/6/11 15:04

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS016You've survived the Ibiza openings, the evangelist's 'Apocalypse' and the EU's cucumber scare - so what's next? Well, as the worldwide weirding continues apace, who knows - really? Still, the sun is shining, your planes are arriving/departing, and the outlook for this party season is heartening!

Meanwhile, bringing all manner of music to your ears, the Tech Selection Section returns as we roll headlong into June with another quartet of treats to keep you nicely fixed up on the technology and gadgets front...

So read on as we entertain the mixed bag of wonders that comprises FaderPro's Ableton tutorial, Yamaha's MOX6 synth, G-Form's Extreme Sleeve for laptops, and Mindscape's 'smart rabbit'...




Are you able?
Plenty of producers are using Ableton Live to make tunes, so if you’re keen to learn how to use this software then you could be interested in FaderPro’s HD video venture. Are You Able is available as a download or a DVD and marks the start of a series of courses that that enable you to get closer to the way pro producers work in their studios.

First up to show you how they develop a track from start to finish, with lots of Ableton tips + tricks en route, is Grammy nominated producer Ivan Coraliza (aka ill Factor) who has worked with the likes of Timberlake and Timbaland. His class is over three-hours long, and provided within are the track’s component parts, so you can learn by replicating his work in your own time.

So far, FaderPro’s project also includes a remix class with Vincent di Pasquale and Lee Cabrera, so see the link to find out more and sample the videos…

Watch the video
Yamaha’s MOX pops
OK, so it’s not quite the ‘super-synth’ that we featured here last month, but then it’s not got the exclusivity or out-of-this-world price tag either.

Yamaha’s 61-key model, the MOX6, takes inspiration from its MOTIF synth and shows the company’s commitment to taking keyboards further into the production realm. MOX6 has a 4-in 2-out USB audio interface and is compatible with most DAWs (in fact it comes bundled with a version of Cubase).

For Yamaha fans, there’s a bunch of different videos online by its mega-enthusiastic demonstrator Bert Smorenburg, including the one we’ve got here, which looks at the MOX’s USB/MIDI functionality. (Bert’s Vocoder demo is also worth a visit!)

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Now that’s Extreme!
Dropping your laptop might seriously de-form your DJing or production schedule, but sports impact specialist G-Form now has a solution in the shape of its Extreme Sleeve. Following on from its uber-‘ard iPad cover (onto which they dropped a bowling ball), the company has made available a smart new version for the laptop – and they demonstrate its durability by chucking it off of a balcony – check out the video!

Using PORON® XRD™ material – f’nar f’nar – this case apparently toughens upon impact to absorbs over 90% of the shock, and it is water-resistant, saving you from leakages…

Naturally (as has been pointed out by case commentators around the world) the Extreme Sleeve may or may not give the same protection as witnessed in this clip if your laptop is dropped bang on its corner, but hey that’s laptops for ya!

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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
This rabbit-like device called Karotz – brought to you by Mindscape – has been causing as much distress as it has robot rapture, and it looks like it’s set to continue...

Karotz is a personal entertainment/communication system with a difference. Sure it plays web radio, MP3 files from USB sources, is Wi-Fi equipped and voice activated – but that’s merely the beginning. Cos it can also read your emails, Facebook/Twitter updates, and enables you to chat with other Karotz users for free… and it doesn’t stop there… oh no…

Make of it what you will… As the website says, “Our reproduction has started… We want to conquer the world and to bring our all-encompassing warmth into every household!

Again, that’s all for now folks – enjoy the summer and we’ll see you back here in July!


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