Two Armadillos - People of the World EP on secretsundaze

Words by: Hannah Briley
Posted: 21/7/11 17:56

It was a decade ago that Giles Smith launched the now infamous secretsundaze parties alongside James Priestley. Fast forward to 2011 and they are still going strong having showcased secretsundaze all over the world and back alongside their regular London parties. In this fast paced industry that warrants a 'Life Time Achievement' Award as far as I'm concerned to go alongside their 'Best Club Night' award from Timeout, their 'Club Of The Year' from Mixmag and Giles's "Best New DJ" award throughout the years. Not only have secretsundaze sustained their event and hosted some of the hottest Live acts and dj's on the planet over the last ten years but they've capitalized on their success by setting up the secret agency and the secretsundaze record label to go with it. Flourishing in 2007 and 2008, the label put out an impressive seven mix compilations and album samplers in the space of 24 months but then went mysteriously quite until earlier this year when they re-appeared with the 'Do It Yourself' EP from Brawther and now, the 'People Of The World' EP from Two Armadillos.

Production duo Two Armadillos (Giles Smith and Martin Dawson) have pretty much always gone down the lustrous deep house route, opting for soothing grooves that ride of rich drum loops and fall effortlessly into a timeless soundscape much like secretsundaze itself. 'People Of The World' gets smoother than ever though with "Warriors Return" riding off a full upright bass riff that is so hypnotically fashioned that after its eight minute length it remains captivating. Jazzy saxophone spits, shimmering cymbals and the never failing satisfaction of double paradiddle hi-hats have me pressing repeat in a rather obsessive manner before allowing me to move on to "People Of The World". Again, this track focuses on one looped element; this time dramatic double key string stabs that hurtle themselves underneath the dry bass and enchanting spoken vocal.

What Giles Smith and Martin Dawson manage with this EP and quite frankly, with everything they write is elegance. Whichever facet of dance music they explore, not only is their production knowledge evident but their sound oozes sophistication and style without needing to scream it from the rooftops. The EP closes with "Night Ridin", the heaviest of the three which are quite rightly layered in an order that takes us from low slung jazz into deep chugging  house and ending on the most 'peak time' output of them all.

Artist: Two Armadillos
Title: People Of The World EP
Label: Secretsundaze

Warriors Return
People Of The World
Night Ridin

Our rating: 8/10
Two Armadillos


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