Simmer Summer Party with Kenny Larkin @ Basing House - 29/07/11 London

Words by: Hannah Briley
Posted: 22/7/11 9:57

Simmer Summer Party with Kenny Larkin at Basing HouseOnce you've exhausted just about every one of the bars, clubs and now not so ‘secret' locations that East London offers, it's probably more than tempting to take up a residency and form a home for your promotion; easier said than done though as East London's venues become thinner and thinner by the week. The last couple of years have seen the area's venue's fall like flies; first it was T.Bar, more recently The Red Gallery and a whole host of pop up warehouse spaces have not seen to live another day once the Council hear the hum of bass lines on their weekend prowl of the streets.

Promotion Simmer appears to have struck gold though and this month they take up their regular slot at Basing House. Having spread their event far and wide they've now secured themselves Kingsland Road's recently refurbished venue on a bimonthly agreement. Formerly ‘On The Rocks', the once quite frankly ‘past it' space has gone under a complete overhaul and now boasts a chic exterior whilst retaining an industrial charm on the inside. With the mottled stone ceiling and original brick work stripped back to its former glory, Basing House offers something that's not so easy to find around Shoreditch; the warehouse feel without it actually being a warehouse and without all the illegal worries that come with.

Not only is Simmer taking over Basing House, but with them they bring their most impressive booking yet. All the way from the US the legendary Kenny Larkin will take centre stage on the 29th July alongside London artist Jon Rust. Kenny Larkin is without doubt one of the most recognized leaders of Detroit techno today and falls into that small circle of artists who have stood the test of time in a fast paced and sadly often fickle scene. As a producer, DJ and remixer, Kenny has mesmerized crowds and fans across the globe for nearly twenty years with his music.

An appearance in London is rare and highly sought but unfortunately, his performance last summer for secretsundaze was disappointing with his mix going from timecode vinyl in its early stages and moving on to playing internally with Traktor controller for the majority - a major slap in the face for secretsundaze from a man with such stellar reputation. We can only assume that Mr.Larkin was having a moment of madness and that his highly anticipated appearance for Simmer on the 29th will be up to his usual impeccable standards and I for one, along with another 400 Detroit techno lovers will be there to see it.

Simmer Summer Party with Kenny Larkin
Friday, 29th July 2011 - 10pm - 6:00am
Kenny Larkin (Planet E)
Jon Rust (Lightworks, Standard Place, Boiler Room)
Richard Adam (Resident)

Basing House
Address: 25 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA
Phone: 020 7688 0339


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