The Tech Selection Section # TTSS017

Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 1/8/11 14:38

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS009OK, so, we’re a little late with TTSS this month, or early, depending on how you look at it. Who’s counting? Whatever, we’ve been a little toooo busy summer lovin’, but now we’re back on track and have got some crazy ass kit on this here page for you, dear Selection reader… 

Among the pick of the pops this month is a preview of what Propellerhead’s Reason 6 has in store, an introduction to some free loops and samples via Loopport, a Japanese Robot Mouth (just in case you get totally stuck for samples or words!), and Akai’s new EIE Pro audio interface.

So there you have it. Whether you’re having a ball in Ibiza, hacked off with News Corp or having a meltdown with the dollar, we hope you’ll enjoy our tasty little technology round up… let the sun shine!

Bon Appétit!


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Even more Reason-able?  
Yes, Propellerhead has just unleashed a slick video highlighting the new updates to its rampant music making software. Notably, Reason 6 is a technological mash-up combining features from Record that will enable its users to record and edit external sonic sources.

The video explains it all, with subtitles, but personally we really like the look and sound of the Pulveriser with its badass distortion. Other newbies include The Echo (delay/effect), Alligator (three-band gate effect), Neptune (pitch correction/voice synth) and Mixer (a super-fly looking console with dynamics, EQ and that cool master compressor). There’s also 64-bit support among a host of amped-up add-ons.

You can sign up to be a beta tester now, and Reason 6 will be available from the end of September.

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Say hello to
Coming sooooon – Loopport is a new music creation hub that will offer a cornucopia of high grade, royalty-free music loops, samples, sample patches and effects, so you can loop the frikin loops till your heart’s content!

This array of musical armory will soon be available to any beat freak that can get onto a laptop with music software. The site will be updated with fresh material at every opportunity, and we are told they host the material up in da ‘cloud’, so access to all of their gear should be quick and easy. Loopport also has ambitions to grow into a social hangout for musicians, so they can connect and share their wares…

Wanna help beta test Loopport? Well, I-Voice has a crack code to its back end. The code is loopport10. This gives 100 of you guys access to pretty much everything on Loopport for a limited time. So, get in quick, give it a try and let them know what you think. (Our own suggestion is to improve that beta LP logo, baby, but it is still early days for this portal, so we’ll give them a break!)

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EIE Pro-mo-fo
Eee heck, we’re not so sure about the name, but we do like the classic look of this hardy tabletop box – especially those sexy analogue VU meters. In fact, we’re thinking of getting one just to sit on the car dash...

Akai’s new EIE Pro audio and MIDI interface with USB hub gets you properly connected to/from your computer with a four-in, four-out system, and lets you record up to 24-bit resolution into any DAW or software.

There are three USB inputs, besides its 2.0 port, so you can hook up hard drives, controllers, or whatever… It sends/receives four audio channels on a single USB connection, and the other ports mean it can be used as a hub, to bridge other drives and controllers to your Mac or PC

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So, you’re sat in the studio, scouring for something unique, and are really stuck for a head-turning new sample to steal. Well, why not try Robot Mouth, a mechanical talking mouth, developed by Professor Hideyuki Sawada at Kagawa University over in Japan?

OK, you’d have a job ‘cos it’s not quite reached the market, yet, but hey ho. Have a glimpse at the future folks… and weep. Here is something you don’t see or hear everyday…

It might seem pretty creepy but it’s ever so pioneering, like a high-tech karaoke machine. It has speech organs that mimic a human’s, it listens and it learns, and, of course, it looks mad as hell.

Yes, it has a certain resonance, and we’re just hoping it gets a slot at Sonar 2012 before releasing a single. The video explains more. Check it out now!

OK. That’s all for now folks. See you next time!


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