Pillow Talk - The Come Back EP on Life and Death

Words by: Kristan J Caryl
Posted: 3/10/11 16:17

Does anyone else ever wonder how certain acts are even involved in the dance scene at all? I mean, Tale of Us, Footprintz, Benoit & Sergio (to an extent) and even Nicolas Jaar all make either proper songs or space sonic landscapes so dethatched from the ‘nts-nts-nts’ we all know and love it’s a wonder they aren’t heralded by Pitchfork or NME as the next darlings of indie rather than by us as the saviours of dance…

With that in mind, enter auspicious new San Francisco pairing, Pillow Talk, who here announce their arrival with The Come Back EP – a lovelorn, properly structured four tracker which has real words, choruses, middle eights and all the other things you’d expect of a real band.

That said, if you want steady beats you can still find them, like on the remix of  ‘The Come Back’ which is loosely a house record, but layered male voices and sweet harmonies make it both hummable and memorable like a chart hit. Emotionally vulnerably and wholly unassuming in the way it bobbles forward on claps, finger clicks and an elastic bassline, it will fit perfectly into the quirky underground pop world the likes of Seth Troxler are so proud to inhabit these days.  Its original confrere is even more whimsical, with a beautiful sense of hip-swing between each bar and an airy eco-system of nostalgic samples and organic percussion fleshing the whole thing out.

Long Lost Friends’ toys teasingly with a sample of 70s group Ace’s hit ‘How Long [has this been gooooo-ing on]’ making it ripe for Sunday afternoon sessions, where ‘Soft’ is rather more troubled: the beats kick and skip rather than swing; the vocal seems to come from a heavy heart and the minor chords add a poignant ruefulness to the whole thing. When Life and Death get their hands on the track for a remix they lay a bold electro bassline underneath it all and have it bounce along proudly, if not still with a sense of loss hidden somewhere behind the surface bravado. 

Easily for me, the press release rather nails the MO here: “Imagine Motown and classic doo-wop blended with a modern dance sensibility and you may start to get an idea of the Pillow Talk sound.

Artist: Pillow Talk
Title: The Come Back EP
Label: Life And Death

TracklistThe Come BackLong Lost FriendsSoftSoft (Life and Death remix)The Come Back (Life and Death remix)

Our Rating: 8/10


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