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Words by: Lady GGGadget
Posted: 2/11/11 15:17

The Tech Selection Section # TTSS019Occupy the Tech Selection. Power to the people! Yes, we’re feeling up the zeitgeist, if not the downright unrest in this issue, Selectors. Yet, still, we have braved the outer worlds of the intrawebs to haul forth some fresh meat to the slab, as we return from our lab with another ‘four tops’ for your attention. And this month we have Pioneer’s affordable new DJM-250 mixer, Livid’s Expansion Controllers, SoundCloud’s iPad app, and even a ‘Halloween special’ mask called the Realface.

So, what’s been happening out there since our last episode? Well, we’ve had mega-tradeshow BPM  in the UK, whose range of gadgets, guests and geeks grows bigger and more powerful every year. Native Instruments celebrated 15 years in the mix not only with a really cool Jamie Lidell in bed with iMaschine video but also a sweet giveaway online.

And we’ve also bid fond farewells to two visionary innovators, to whom the DJ/tech community owe a huge ‘thank-you’, namely Apple’s Steve Jobs and DJ pioneer Sir Jimmy Savile. Oh yes, we salute you!

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Back to basics: Pioneer’s DJM-250 mixer
Hurrah! Pioneer’s evidently been listening to its users (and the ear shattering crash of our global economic decline) and has decided to enter the market for lower priced mixers. Welcoming the DJM-250

This new two-channel mixer is aimed at DJs performing at home, at house parties or in small bars. First up, it has two high-grade sound colour filters, meaning you can filter each channel separately in style. It also has EQ effects, a massive eight inputs and XLR balanced outputs.  The DJM-250 comes in black/grey or white/grey and has certainly enjoyed a warm reception on the internets from newbie DJs who’ve perhaps previously felt excluded from owning a DJM mixer. Compact and portable but big on performance, and boasting a very affordable price tag, the DJM-250 is a solid basic mixer and wins a two thumbs fresh ‘like’ from GGGadget.

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Chips off the old Blocks: Livid’s XPC Expansion Controllers
Livid Instruments makes some top gear and now the Texas-based company has introduced three new Expansion Controllers for its OhmRGB and Block products. Which is good news for users wanting to mod up their controllers with extra controls.

Livid’s first palm-sized controllers to hit the streets are the 4K2JS, 4K4F and 8F. The 4K2JS controller has four rotary knobs and two PlayStation-esque X/Y joysticks; 4K4F has four rotary knobs and four 60mm faders; and the 8F has eight 30mm faders. These plug-and-play XPC controllers connect to the Block and OhmRGB with one cable, thereby allowing users to customise and increase the creativity that they can squeeze out of their OhmRGB and Block tools, without having to fiddle about with the core devices. 

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Increasing the social network: SoundCloud’s iPad app
SoundCloud is a popular online ‘social network’ for musicians and music lovers who want to share and comment on new tuneage. And, although there has been an app for the iPhone for a while now, the company has just released a new updated iPad-friendly version that requires iOS4.0 or more.

This version allows you to record sounds or music on the move and share them directly to SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. The app has a new waveform design and makes commenting on posts even easier. You can also find and follow people and share comments privately.  Check out the video to discover out more about SoundCloud’s improved mobile capabilities, and you can now download the app for FREE at: 
Realface: why not buy 2?
Well, right now the REAL-f company is a bit ‘oversubscribed’, or so it would appear, plus it’s focused on the Japanese market – that’s why it’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy one, let alone two.

This super real mask looks great. But looking at it another way, it could appear a little creepy, especially for anyone who has seen the movie Face/Off... Nevertheless, we reckon it displays some cunning craftsmanship and technical prowess. The company is achieving amazing likenesses of its clients through its Three-Dimensional Photo Form technique, which apparently can duplicate faces in detail, right down to pores, eye vessels and irises. Its suggestion that the Realface is good company (as a ‘memorial portrait’ for a loved one upon your expiry) might seem slightly unhinged. However, we love our Japanese gadgets and the tagline: ‘exceed the real’ reeks of the zeitgeist.

OK. That’s all for now folks. Cheerio. See you next month!


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