Sweatlodge Radio presents Slim Week: a seven-day music and art mash up

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 15/11/11 12:08

Sweatlodge Radio presents Slim Week:  a seven-day music and art mash upJames Blonde of Sweat Lodge Radio Berlin is an inherently creative, musical mind. When he’s not at the helm of the station, he’s working on new venture SLIM magazine, and his own productions and collaborations. His ferocious hunger for creativity has just spawned another project, too - Slim Week - a seven day-long music and art mash-up that James and creative partner Elie Eidelman pin point as “An exchange of ideas and medias under one roof.” It’s with the help of Kunst(Shot), an inventive duo responsible for installations and interactive art events that Slim Week kicks off on Tuesday 6th December at the brand new S.K. Robinson club in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

So where did the inspiration for Slim Week come from?
Sweat Lodge [agency] has been working with artists in Berlin for the past five years and launched Sweat Lodge Radio three years ago”, says James. “In the summer, the new print publication SLIM saw light, and soon SLIM TV will start airing original and favourite videos. It was just a matter of time before we had all these medias interacting with each other under one platform, with our core artists, and the many friends and colleagues that share our fascination with life and art”, he continues.

These like-minded chaps happen to include artists from Mobilee, Moodmusic, Dumb-unit, Futura, Slow Motion, and Jack the Box. Throughout the course of Slim Week, many of these artists will take turns to play at S.K. Robinson, and each set will be streamed live on both Sweat Lodge Radio and Slim TV.

Adding the art to the mix will be Kunst(Shot), who James was introduced to via the creative director of S.K. Robinson. Kunst(Shot) bring a variety of entertainment to Slim Week including the art collective Outland who open the event with their new show ShiftReflective Urge, a second collective, take to the spotlight later in the week to share live installations and paint on the spot, as will Little Stac, who will perform interactive art and video. The final artistic addition will be Utopian Moves who bring the modern dance outfit Musance to S.K. Robinson.

Painting, interactive art, dance, and live music from top DJs and record labels mean that Slim Week has a bounty of entertainment to offer. The event will eventually wrap up with a weekend of parties including one at Tresor’s Plus 4 bar; another at Harry Klein in Munich; and a third at S.K. Robinson itself. Despite its slender name, Slim Week packs an almighty punch – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed should you choose to indulge.

Full line-up details will be released in December’s edition of SLIM magazine.

SLIM Week - A Multidisciplinary Art & Music Event

Opening Day
Tuesday, 6th December
Dirt Crew & Dumb Unit
Venue: S.K. Robinson
Time: 18:00 - 00:00

Dirt Crew
Jeremy P. Caulfield
Walker Barnard
Shift by Outland Collective
Dumb Unit

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Day 2
Wednesday, 7th December
Jackoff & Jack The Box
Venue: S.K. Robinson
Time: 18:00 - 00:00

Elie Eidelman
Joel Alter
Bobby Starrr
Tyree Cooper
Reflective Urge

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Day 3
Thursday, 8th December
Futura & Slow Motion
Venue: S.K. Robinson
Time: 18:00 - 00:00

Franz Underwear
Maciej Szalonek
Slow Motion
Little Stack

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Day 4
Friday, 9th December
Mobilee & Falkplatz
Venue: S.K. Robinson
Time: 19:00 - end

Magit Cacoon
Ralf Kollmann
Utopian Moves by Musance
Oscar Schubaq

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Day 5
Saturday, 10th December
Art Of Tones & Moodmusic
Venue: S.K. Robinson
Time: 14:00 - end

Art of Tones
Iron Curtis Live
Elie Eidelman
Quiet Riot

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Day 6
Sunday, 11th December
Zander Vt & Oye Records
Venue: S.K. Robinson
Time: 14:00 - end

Zander VT
Marc Miroir
Paul Heron
Borja Pena
Nick Maher
Peter Power
OYE Records
Soul Asylum

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Closing Day
Monday, 12th December
The Booth & Electrobongo Collective
Venue: S.K. Robinson
Time: 20:00 - end

Garrett Cranley
Moon & Mann
The Booth

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