Pierre LX - Reworks EP on Initial Cuts

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 22/12/11 10:30

Initial Cuts returns to Pierre LX’s forward-thinking OUT1 from earlier this year for the inevitable remix package. Fortunately, this EP features four equally forward-thinking remixes by artists worth noting, but end up covering the same old predictable ground everyone else does in the end.

FXHE artist Big Strick provides a very low-key atmospheric Detroit techno remix to start off the EP. The track has solid ideas but doesn’t do much musically, providing a bit of a letdown because of the inventive use of mid-range frequencies and subtle percussion layer techniques to make the track sound modern.

Miles Whittaker of Bristol’s Pendle Coven, under his MLZ alias, contributes the most cutting edge of the remixes on the compilation with an eclectic and ragged mix of bass, techno, and dub influences that don’t entirely fit together, at least cleanly, creating a rugged, live performance feel on “Olympia” that makes this release notable amongst the thousands of others out this week. It is a new step in the ongoing hybridization of dubstep and techno and this remix does it in a way that should have other, like-minded, producers taking notes,

Brun of Swayzak, like MLZ tries on a dub influence for size and usually he is able to work this to great affect and is generally a reliable remixer. Except for this track, his reworking of “Olympia" is incredibly dull, and that is putting it nicely.

There is nothing happening from beginning to end here, just a track devoid of a hook to make it come to life and remain lodged in the brain for days afterward. Despite high-end production quality this track is dead on arrival.

Closing things out is a remix of “Winter Light” by Enola that is appropriate for the season. The rework has an icy, cool sheen that brings it to life, a real case of less-is-more in action. The restricted nature of the track actually gives it a free form, elusive feel that adds to its charm and makes this entire collection worth a look – even if it is only a quick one.

Artist: Pierre LX
Title: Reworks EP
Label: Initial Cuts

TracklistHypothesis (Big Strick remix) Olympia (MLZ last dub excursion mix)Olympia (Brun of Swayzak’s springer mix) Winter Light (Enola remix)

Our Rating: 6/10
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