Terence Fixmer - A journey to Uncharted Destinations EP on Planete Rouge Records

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 20/12/11 12:45

Terence Fixmer returns to his Planete Rouge label for the first time since 2008 with this conceptual piece of space techno, the subject of which may seem cliched, but which nonetheless carries more than enough weight to suggest that even if we have reached the final frontier, there's life in the old dog yet.

The dominant motif of the title track is the massive, reverberating 303 which, although it is very well executed, is so reminiscent of that used on Plastikman's all-conquering remix of System Seven's 'Alpha Wave' that comparisons will be involuntarily made. However, where the latter allowed itself the leg room of almost twenty minutes over which to make its point, here we are limited to half of that.

This is no bad thing either because the concise arrangements, not just here but on the equally cold and sinister-sounding 'The Arrival' are effective because of their brevity and the consequent power they have on the listener's imagination.

It's no surprise that Iori, a Prologue stalwart, is on hand to remix 'The Arrival,' because if there's one labels output that springs to mind when listening to this release, it's the Munich-based home of Cio d'Or, Giorgio Gigli and Dino Sabatini. Terence Fixmer himself released 'Planetary Phase/ Lunar Forset' with Claudio PRC earlier this year so conceptually a theme seems to be being continued.

If this record differs at all to the bulk of that being released on Prologue it's maybe because the production strikes one as being a little crisper and more in the foreground. Iori's remix adds three minutes to the original and it plumbs deeper depths. All three tracks though, empathise with each other insofar as sharing a sense of isolation is concerned and, consequently evoke classic techno themes.

Artist: Terence Fixmer
Title: A journey to Uncharted Destinations EP
Label: Planete Rouge Records

TracklistA journey To Uncharted DestinationsThe ArrivalThe Arrival ( Iori remix)

Our Rating: 7/10
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