Ryan Elliott - Kicking Up EP on Spectral Sound

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 22/12/11 10:33

Detroit's Ryan Elliott lest you were unaware, is part of a rare breed of modern underground figures more renowned for his prowess as a DJ than his work as a producer. In fact, it's only recently that's he's properly made the transition, one seemingly made with veritable ease on techno's most iconic temporary imprint, Berlin's Ostgut Ton. Having thus far emitted an atmospheric, forward-thinking techno sound that's indicative of the one he conveys on the 'floor, those of you wondering whether Elliott's productions ought to be approached with an edge of caution are missing the point. Here's a producer, who evidently, knows exactly where it is he wants to go when in the studio.

Matthew Dear's Spectral Sound makes for an apt fit for his most recent effort too, in the process signalling in Elliot's inaugural release for the label whilst in independent producer mode. While 'Kicking Up' is devoid of any obvious natural charm, Elliott instead prompts the listener to discover such intricacies on their own terms. Sparse, yet simultaneously effectual with a deep bass and a subtle, unnerving snare at its core, it'd be a disservice to label this 'Berghain Techno' after the club in which Elliott oft holds court. For starters, it lacks the personality and warmth of Klock, the intensity of Faki or the relentless energy of a Dettman record. At it's purest, it's stripped back Detroit techno with a simplistic charm, and by playing to his true strengths Elliott has succeeded where multiple others have failed.

On the remix front, STABLO No. brings a hefty dose of house to proceedings on one of those edits where you're left wondering which exact tool from the original has been manipulated. Regardless, the laid-back shakers and the groovy claps make for a nice touch, and together with the dreamy bassline, a relatively chilled, melancholy vibe abounds throughout. Spectral's vast discography is as diverse as they come - and in that vein and many others - Elliott's full debut can be considered a job well done.

Artist: Ryan Elliott
Title: Kicking Up EP
Label: Spectral Sound

TracklistKicking UpKicking Up (STABLO No. Remix)

Our Rating: 7/10
Ryan Elliott


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