The A - Z of 2011’s biggest fashion trends

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 13/12/11 12:37

The A - Z of 2011’s biggest fashion trendsIt’s December and while the year has certainly flown by, it’s brought with it some fine sartorial things. Take for example fashion designer Mary Katrantzou’s almighty print clashing, or S & M harnessed crop tops, neon leggings and hi tops – a look few would expect to be resurrected after the 90s.

We were keen to find out more, and in particular, hear your thoughts on 2011’s best fashion moments. So, we asked a throng of you on London’s streets, in clubs and offices, what your opinions are on the hippest, most happening gear over the year. Without further ado - here is your definitive A - Z on 2011’s biggest fashion trends.

A is for Animal print
Boy, does Britain love an animal print and while we’re particularly partial to leopard - spotted on everything from boots to body-con dresses - it is the humble snake and its shape-shifting patterns that has conquered the animal kingdom when it comes to this year’s biggest print.

B is for Block colour
A careful balance of the most intense hues has been the backbone of the fashionista’s summer wardrobe this year. Think searing pink and hot orange, and expect this mood-enhancing trend to make a rapid reappearance as soon as the weather warms.

C is for Collars (and Collar tips, too)
Vintage-inspired faux fur becomes requisite; sequin-encrusted becomes de rigueur. Collars are big news (due to their outfit transforming abilities, perhaps?) and come in every shape, size, and fabric – from jersey and lace, to spikes, studs and Western-style metal tips.

D is for Dip-dye hair
While two-tone tresses may not be entirely new, experimenting with 100% non-natural colour is. Candyfloss pink is the hue of choice, with celebrities including Radio One DJ Fearne Cotton, and Katy Perry trying out the Barbie-inspired do.

E is for Electric blue
Cobalt, cornflower and ultramarine share the top spot – never has a blue moment been more fashionable.
F is for Flatforms
Love them or hate them, these strange shoes are the reincarnation of the platform, cross-bred with the wedge. Though somewhat the ugly mongrel of the shoe-world, they are quite literally on the fundamental ris
G is for Glitter heels
Borne through Miu Miu’s game-changing (much copied) banana heel peep-toe boot, and fashion’s long-standing love affair with all things Ziggy Stardust, the high street has become a sea of twinkling, glitter-sprayed heels. Jump on this look now, or never.

H is for Hot orange
Acid brights are no stranger to the catwalks, but it’s hot orange that’s the crucial hue. Tones range from apricot to flaming titian, but whichever shade you pick, it’ll inject vibrancy into an every-day look like no other colour can.

I is for Island inspired
Tropical prints bearing oversized fruits ala Prada and Stella McCartney, retro high-waist hot-pants, supersized shades and a wide brim sun hat are all you need to perfect this hot trend. Deserted island need not apply.

J is for Jumper, A.K.A the ‘Superstar Sweater’
The humble crewneck knit has hero item written all over it and, unlike many of its sibling trends, it is utterly practical, too – quell surprise! Oversized, cable knit, embroidered, printed; whatever the variation, the key way to wear this wonder piece is slung over a knee-knockingly tight pencil skirt – or however you so choose.

K is for Kate Middleton
Yes, really. Kate knows how to mingle high street with designer so effortlessly – from Reiss dresses to Issa frocks, and that Alexander McQueen lace number. Mrs. Prince William’s fashion prowess has seen her status rocket from modest madam to Royal fashion icon.

L is for Leather
The pencil, skater and midi skirt silhouettes – not to mention shorts - have all been reincarnated in the supplest of skins this year as leather continues to dominate both catwalk and high street. In particular, panelling has become a key update, with strips of leather adorning leggings and the sleeves of menswear-inspired Crombie coats.

M is for Midi skirt
First the maxi, now the midi and we expect the mini to make a massive return any time now. You heard it here first.

N is for Neon
Worn top-to-toe or as an accent, neon never gets old. Think highlighter pen hues and pair them with Aztec-inspired prints to embrace the 90s revival that’s spread like wildfire across London’s dance floors this year.

O is for Overcoat
Oh, the overcoat – we Londoners revel in wrapping up this time of year, sporting everything from shaggy faux fur ensembles to menswear inspired shapes. However, this year, it’s the Cocoon silhouette that takes first place as the overcoat of champions.

P is for Pleats, pleats, pleats!
What would this year’s skirts and the palazzo pants be if it wasn’t for a series of precise concertina folds? Nothing, simply nothing.

Q is for Queen of prints
Mary Katrantzou reigns supreme when it comes to spearheading bold, brash print mixing this year. The Greek fashion designer has mastered year-round blooms with finesse, and fashionistas are falling over themselves to follow suit.

R is for Rucksack
Leather or vintage of the girls, and retro hiking back pack styles for the boys (see Herschel and Siel Marschall) - just make sure you wear it with both straps, yeah?

S is for Slippers
Possibly one of the least expected trends of the year (or the replacement for the much-adored ballet pump of the 90s?) The humble slipper has graced the feet of everyone from Brit kid Alexa Chung to model Poppy Delevigne. They’re comfortable, chic and just that little bit regal – especially if like Brad Pitt, you choose to have yours monogrammed.

T is for Top knot
The undisputable hair-DO of the year.

U is for Underwear as outerwear
Thanks to the firmly established return of the crop top, and the rise of the fetish trend, this hybrid look is one that set to go from strength to strength through 2012.

V is for Velvet
The richest of textures has been adorning everything from body-con dresses to bustiers and more notably, flatform sandals – combining two major trends right in time for the festive season.

W is for Wah nails
Double French, watermelon-inspired, flags from all over the world – who wouldn’t want to try out this crazy nail art?

X is for X-rated
It’s time to unleash your inner dominatrix, with a wealth of cage-like bustiers, leather chaps and studded collars hitting the high street (and we don’t mean Ann Summers); S & M has officially made it main-stream.  A trend not for the faint-hearted.

Y is for yellow
From lemon to old gold, yellow is to be the biggest, freshest colour for January. Get ahead of the rest and invest in this vibrant hue now.

Z is for Zips, whips and all things fetish
see X for X-rated!


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