Ivan Garci - Chords in my Head on DeepClass Records

Words by: Rob Warner
Posted: 27/12/11 10:04

Ivan Garci returns on one of the modern deep house lovers label of choice, DeepClass. Hailing from sunny Spain Garci fits into the label's theme across three tracks of techy deepness.

The title track, 'Chords In My Head', kicks it off with a pretty straightforward and hypnotic groove not dissimilar to the style so often showcased by label boss Fer Ferrari.

It's got a crisp, percussive vibe paired with a lush baseline and carefully placed pads and spacey effects. In an odd way it would also fit well into the warm-up progressive house theme given the silky groove.

'Dark Noise' is a notch deeper still, hitting a dope groove and again going for economy rather than overuse of elements. A few nicely placed pauses in the arrangement highlight the subtleness perfectly.

Garci's slick soundscaping skills make this sort of sparse arrangement possible as he aims to create a killer warm-up or warm-down sound.

'Stairs of Love' rounds out the pack with a slightly more Shur-i-kan style vibe tune. It's super deep but with a heavier baseline than the other tracks here.

It fuses a cool melody, deep pads and stark rhythm track together into a pretty infectious groove which is totally at home amongst other DeepClass Records releases.

Artist: Ivan Garci
Title: Chords in my head
Label: DeepClass Records

Tracklist:Chords In My HeadDark NoiseStairs of Love

Our Rating: 7/10
Ivan Garci


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