Pointbender - Remote Locations EP on 530Techno

Words by: Rob Warner
Posted: 23/12/11 10:41

California doesn't seem like a traditional hotbed for techno but that hasn't stopped 530Techno having a crack at it. Now almost ten releases in they're showing a knack for signing quality jams and the latest by Texan producer Pointbender is top notch indeed.

The original of 'Remote Locations' is a quite linear house style arrangement which changes subtly rather than with any big bangs. The basic groove is a low-key perc groove with a similarly subtle acid synth line.

Over the course of the track the synth filters out only a couple of times to leave some sultry chords rolling along. A couple of nicely chosen samples accentuate the deepness of the track.

Jay Tripwire's remix of 'Remote Locations' retains the best parts of the original, deep chords and the acid groove but used overtop a more chuggy groove.

'Semicircle' is a tweaked-out diversion from the title track. It hits that sort of &ME, M.in cjuggy house groove but with more synth work laid overtop.

The Munk Machine Remix of 'Semicircle' is the pick of the bunch on the release. It has an overdriven kick thing going on coupled with slick engineering which keeps the rest of the percussion low in the mix and lets the musical elements - stabs and synth flurries - to stand out perfectly.

So far as dark and moody grooves go this is pretty bad-ass.

Artist: Pointbender
Title: Remote Locations
Label: 530 Techno

Tracklist:Remote LocationsRemote Locations (Jay Tripwire Remix)SemicircleSemicircle (The Munk Machine Remix)

Our Rating: 8/10


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Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani