The Visual Sound Series - Episode 1 - False Manners Productions

Words by: Hannah Briley
Posted: 17/1/12 11:38

False Manners ProductionsIn 2011, False Manners music video productions were seen accompanying the sounds of labels such as Serialism, Mean, Dame Music, Vakant, Stock5, Dumb-Unit and Alchemy.

Owned and run by Brazilian/Italian duo Fernanda Mattos and Federica Marchese, False Manners integrates moving image, photography and music.

Having clocked up studies in publicity and advertising, multimedia art, photography, video editing and post production at some of the world’s most renowned institutes such as London College of Fashion, The Academy of Fine Arts, the European Institute of Design, Central Saint Martin’s and The Music Conservatory, their video work is not only technically outstanding but delightfully off-centre, twisted and surreal.

With artists such as Public Lover, Benjamin Fehr, Bloody Mary and Tale Of Us queuing up to work with False Manners, they tell us how their unique moving image ideas come to life to work within modern day electronic music.

Take us back to the inception of False Manners...when, where and why was your production company set up?
Myself and Federica have known each for over seven years now. Cesare (vs Disorder) introduced me to my lovely sister in law and like me and him, our connection clicked straight away.

We had so many things and hobbies to share that I could also have been dating her! Haha... But the strongest link was the passion for photography, music and cinema.

At the time Cesare and I were living in London and Federica was living in-between Milan and Barcelona. We always joked that one day we would open a production company together. Years past, we both dedicated our time to working and studying and finally find ourselves living in Berlin.

Once the distance wasn't an excuse anymore and with mature and developed skills, we finally started to work with moving image having Cesare's labels, Mean and Serialism as our first input of work.

So you are both living and working in Berlin now?
Yes, we are in love with Berlin and all the beautiful spots that you can find.  We have being exploring the city to its depths! It is one of the most inspiring cities where an artist could live.  You have historical and political buildings, modern and communist, worldwide recognized Icons to abandoned warehouses, oh and parks... parks and more parks! We had the possibility to record one of our videos at the remarkable Watergate Club which was definitely a one of kind Berliner experience…

Artist: Jin Choi
Title: Full Range
Video by Federica Marchese & Fernanda Mattos
Dancer: Rosa Ros Menárguez
Best Boy Grip: Cesare Marchese
Special Thanks: Watergate Crew, David Riquelme García, Mimi Cracr, Tolga Fidan
Filmed at Watergate - Berlin

Promotion: Full Range EP
Label: Serialism


What and where did you both study?
: I graduated in Multimedia Art and Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan and also a year at the complementary University of Barcelona. Later I did a few courses in video editing and post production in Milan (at the European Institute of Design) and I’ve also studied piano at the Music Conservatory in Italy.

Fernanda: I graduated in Publicity and Advertising in Sao Paulo Brazil and did some complementary studies in photography and video techniques at Saint Martin College, Tate Modern and London College of Fashion in London and at IED (again at the European Institute of Design) in Milan.

Artist: Cesare Marchese
Title: Aether

Video by Federica Marchese & Fernanda Mattos

Filmed in Berlin

Promotion: Aether EP
Label: Vakant


Why do you think there’s been such a noticeable rise in the use of video work within ‘underground’ music - it was quite rare to see video teasers, short documentaries and video pieces to accompany electronic music releases in the past?
It is all about the new age media and its pro’s and con’s. Now an artist can be promoted in all continents at the same time, getting global audience at lower costs. That exposure can reach scales of unimaginable levels compared to five or ten years ago.

Now there are all the social and industry networks, blogs, forums, magazines and channels... thousands of thousands to be followed with their millions of followers. Music videos are a good way to create some buzz around a tune, to give more value to the music piece whilst making it more interesting for a non-dj follower. Also a visual concept stimulates different senses and feelings from the public, giving a deeper and more intimate connection with the artist.

Taking that into consideration– where do you see the visual/moving image side of electronic music moving to within the next five years?
We hope to something great.

Artist: Cesare vs Disorder & Mikael Stavostrand
Title: Part One

Video by Federica Marchese & Fernanda Mattos
Actress: Clemence de la Tour du Pin
Extras: Anna Harbaum, Rosa Ros Menãguez

Promotion: Do Ur Math
Label: Dumb Unit

            Dumb Unit

Had either of you considered taking your photography or video work into music it became more common to do so in the underground scene?
We had different paths but definitely were both inspired by music leaving aside trends. Fernanda got involved in making her first record cover in 2006 for a Philadelphia based record label called Unfound Sound. Since then she has been producing occasional artwork for a couple of record labels and worked with press photography with different internationally recognized musicians...

I‘ve always dreamt on the other side - to work on music videos since the first time I encountered Chris Cunningan's video project for London's craziest music man Aphex Twin then followed by work with Bjork during my early years. I was just 16back then but I was already really into the whole electronic music world, introduced by my older brother a long time before.

Who are your inspirations within the film industry?
We have many... David Lynch (together with Angelo Badalamenti on soundtrack) intriguing, dark, sexual psychological journeys, Stanley Kubrick's revolution in cinema, Michel Gondry who's actually an innovator with special effects and techniques for expressing feelings and dreams through visual concepts and scenarios. The feminine touch of Sofia Coppola and her screenplays…even though she is Nicolas Cage’s cousin! Half Brazilian, half Italian, Dario Argento and his cult horror, Christopher Doyle colouring for Asian film industry, Chris Cunningham and his innovative approach to electronic music videos with the Warp Record collaboration since the mid 90's... Tarantino of course is great! Alejandro (Lopez) Jodorowskycraziness and deepness, between many others...

Artist: Cesare vs Disorder & Rainer
Title: I didn't mean to kill you

Stop Motion Video by Federica Marchese & Fernanda Mattos

Promotion: Invisible EP
Label: Stock5


And what artists and labels have you worked with to date?
We worked for Cesare vs Disorder, Public Lover (Bruno Pronsato and Ninca Leece), Jin Choi, Bloody Mary, Tale of Us and Shaun Reeves, Michael Stavostrand, jozif, Akiko Kyiama, Mauro Picotto, Benjamin Fehr, Sierra Sam and Jay Haze between others… Labels including Mean, Serialism, thesongsays, Dumb-Unit, Vakant, Stock5, Telegraph, Dame-Music, Alchemy.Cannons 5D Mark II

Let’s get a bit technical...what studio and location equipment do False Manners use?
If we’re talking about video projects the equipment changes according to the feeling we want to achieve but we both have Cannons 5D Mark II as our main equipment for shooting video. Of course different lenses, flashes and continuous lights, reflectors and a photography studio set up. The rest is built by us according to the project or rented for the recordings. We tend to change the way we use those instruments sparkling it up with our creativity using different techniques and optimising the surroundings and locations.

You incorporate a lot of trippy graphics and more experimental elements into your films rather than just ‘real life’ shooting – what’s the technical process behind that?
We love to move things forward, exploring the process of building something and then re-building on top of it using different media during the entire process... so we brainstorm, we shoot and then develop. On top of a main concept we work on discovering the right hook (like you would for a music track)... an effect, a colouring, and a feel to the entire story and according to the tune we create the final concept. We have worked with artists that inspired us with some trippy material, that's why some of our work reflects that, but we are pretty flexible.

Artist: Benjamin Fehr
Title: My Lover

Video by Federica Marchese & Fernanda Mattos

Promotion: If You Had Lips EP
Label: Mean Records

            Mean Records

False Manners ProductionsHow are your ideas dreamt up and then transferred into reality?
We research the artists to know as much as we can about their taste and things that inspire them. Then we listen to the track repeatedly, keeping it as the soundtrack to our brainstorming. During this process we come up with ideas, we laugh a lot at ourselves because we say out loud anything and everything that comes into our minds related to the tune and the feel that comes with it.

When the right and solid idea pops up we stop brainstorming then go to the next stage which is finding and organising everything that we need to make the idea happen. Locations, actors if necessary, props, equipment, rehearsals, a storyboard, etc... We then go through all the recordings that we’ve eventually made and everything that comes with that – the choice of footage, editing and postproduction.

What’s been your favourite video to shoot so far?
We always have fun when we are working and definitely love what we do but one video that will stay in mind for a long time is Cesare vs Disorder & Mikael Stavostrand’s ‘Part One’ released on Dumb-Unit a year ago. It was a challenge to record as we worked at an abandoned beer factory in Berlin during the winter under very un-easy and barely legal conditions. But during the shooting we could already feel that it was going to be something special.

We also really enjoyed studying the intricate trap set up at Watergate club for Jin Choi‘s ‘Full Range’ on Serialism Records last summer. We had to build a system that we first made in our studio and then re-created on a bigger scale at the famous Berlin Watergateclub during an entire night of shooting. It was hard work but it paid off. Every project is a different challenge and we take them all.

Public Lover - What She Saw - Telegraph Records – Coming in January 2012 Artist: Public Lover
Title: What She Saw

Video by Federica Marchese & Fernanda Mattos

Promotion: A Broken Shape Of You LP
Label: Telegraph Records

            Telegraph Records
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