Shep’ N Wily - Retrofit # 7 EP on Retrofit

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 1/2/12 13:13

Jay Shepheard has always had a classic if not slightly retro tinge to both the music he makes and the sounds he releases on his own Retrofit imprint. This, the label’s 7th release, is no different, and pairs old school house and disco vibes with modern sounding production techniques. Alongside Jay in the studio for the release once again is Tad Wily, and the results are as refreshing as previous outings the duo have made on this label… it’s dancefloor but, also, discerning.

A1Hefty Done Me Right’ is a warm, sonorous affair from the off, with vocal harmonies ringing out into a dark night sky as big kick drum dumps pound along below. Rather than layering tired loops over the thing, first taught synth twangs then a nice mobile bassline brings movement to the arrangement. Bright vocal yelps are like shooting stars across the sky in the background, and you could as well listen to the thing at home on a Sunday as you could dance to it in a darkened club.

The A2 is even more spangled and lazy, proceeding at a disco crawl through more darting and glissando melodies that light up the airwaves like some sort of golden lightsaber each time they spray across the face of the track.

It’s the B1One Night In Puzo’ where a house framework first appears; only to be fleshed out with trilling 80s chords, rough drum fills and a breathy male hook. The baseline is rather serrated and frazzled, bring a nice counterpoint to the more shiny and pristine surfaces on the rest of the EP. The final track is a firmed up and dubbed out Wily rework of ‘Hefty Done Me Right’ which, in holding something back, teasing with little chords and suggestive hooks, is probably the most alluring cut here: nothing is overly sweet or sugary though, making the prospect of a reported Shep’ N Wily album all the more interesting

Artist: Shep’ N Wily
Title: Retrofit # 7 EP
Label: Retrofit

TracklistHefty Done Me RightThe Electric ModelOne Night In PuzonHefty Done Me Right (TW Dub Cut)

Our Rating: 7.5/10
Shep’ N Wily


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