Miss Sunshine - L'Amour EP on Monocline

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 22/2/12 10

Croatian artist Miss Sunshine has been releasing singles on a variety of labels for quite some time and by the looks of her tour schedule could be considered an established European techno artist. Here she teams up with the Lisbon based Monocline imprint, a label she does A+R for two notable originals, a big room remix from Mike Wall, and a late night cool down remix from Zecapx.

Overall, this EP showcases Miss Sunshine’s unique take on techno but is mostly going to capture the interest of Mike Wall fans, as his remix is louder and less subtle than the rest, which is a great way to get noticed in life and in music.

The title cut is tough and lean with a murky and deep techno groove. The varying shades of gray and the nuanced feel of the track is interesting but it straddles the fine line between monochromatic flatness and melancholic moodiness too closely. So even though this track is stark and punchy it is also a bit dreary and repetitive.

Make My Heart A Dancer” has a sweet little bass line buried beneath layers of dubby techno mojo. The somber mood here is perfect and executed in a much more considerate way than on “L’amour”, despite this track being a simple variation of the A-side, Simply put, this track uses the same ideas and does them better. It’s also a nice peek at the general sound of Miss Sunshine’s work, which has a nice feminine quality countering techno’s usual testosterone core. Most folks will skip over all of the intricacy of Miss Sunshine’s work and head straight for the Berghain big-room style of Berlin techno that has rocketed Mike Wall to the top of the techno heap. The track pulses and throbs in all the appropriate places, doing its job really. It does well enough as a peak hour track, stripping away the little things and showcasing just the major musical themes without becoming trite or grandiose in the process.

Zecapx’s remix has a funky bass line, the only one to be found on the entire EP. That alone is a nice change of pace, a slowed down tech-house B-side to complement the big choons. The remix passes the test but offers little more than laidback bonus beats.

Artist: Miss Sunshine
Title: L'Amour EP
Label: Monocline

TracklistL'amour (original mix)Make My Heart A Dancer (original mix) Make My Heart A Dancer (Zecapx remix)L'amour (Mike Wall remix)

Our Rating: 6/10
Miss Sunshine


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