A Sagittariun - Carina EP on Elastic Dreams

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 27/2/12 11:21

It’s funny, though A Sagittariun is an unknown producer; we’re already building up quite a nice picture of the man or woman behind the music thanks to the already assured aesthetics perfected so far.

Deep and dubby yes, but also vast and dreamy, this Carina EP is even more untethered to the real world than the inaugural offering on the label, operating in warm and hazy spheres inside this Sagittariun’s mind, a mile away from the cues of everyday life (or everyday house and techno, for that matter).

Opening with the nebulous, cloudy swirls of “An Afterthought“ you feel immediately underwater, drowning in a sea of undefined sounds that eventually begin to move forward with the arrival of an echoing rim shot and ominous bass note.

It’s a fine study in sonic suspension where October’s Soft Body Move remix of “Carina” is more firmly rooted to planet earth. Built on a firm, rattling kick, skittish hi-hats add detail and radiant pads add warmth; it’s one of the most tender and heartfelt works October has churned out, frankly, especially given the more abrasive, broken beat patterns and fierce future vibes of the original.

Deep and dour house cut “The Ninth Sign” ticks along on tiny percussive flecks as swathes of soft pads circle around adding a very real air of celestial mystery before closer “Space Sub Dream” summons the sprits of movements past… trip hop, jungle, breakbeats all seem like influences on this downbeat workout, but so too 80s soft rock. The late arrival of some electric-sounding yet romantic riffs adds a delightful sense of drama to an EP already pregnant with palpability and swollen with sentiment.

Artist: A Sagittariun
Title: Carina EP
Label: Elastic Dreams

TracklistCarina (Original Dream)Carina (October's Soft Body Move)Space Dub DreamThe Ninth SignAn Afterthought

Our Rating: 8/10
A Sagittariun


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