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Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 5/3/12 14:40

Access All Areas with krankbrothersDanny and Kieran Clancy have made a sizable impact on London’s underground over the past couple of years. As brothers, they have run their krankbrother parties with a dedication to both quality and individuality. Their reputation for finding unique and interesting spaces to throw decadent parties that always run smoothly is unrivalled in the capital. The fact that their nights are programmed with the brightest of DJ talent from the international circuit playing on quality soundsystems highlights the attention paid to every aspect of their events. As such, their parties always boast a friendly but debauched atmosphere in which to enjoy the heady concoction of eclectic styles of music on offer.

On Saturday March 10th, the guys will welcome revered German imprint BPitch Control to London for their first label showcase in the capital to be held away from Fabric. Held in a secret location, the night will see BPitch boss Ellen Allien and label mainstay Kiki joined by the krankbrothers themselves. I Voice caught up with the brothers ahead of the show to find out what we can expect from the parties tonight and in the future.

You obviously get to share a lot of your experiences with music together now, but was that always the case growing up?
Danny: Not so much when we were younger. I grew up listening to a lot of punk and grunge when I was a kid, and then moved onto reggae, ska and psychobilly. Kieran never really felt much of that. I think it was when DJ Shadow's Entroducing came out that we started to be excited by the same music.

Kieran: Dan had the bedroom above me growing up, and I could always hear him blaring out punk, rock and all sorts when I was trying to sleep! I think we first bonded over music through trip hop and hip hop which we both were really into in our early teens - still are actually. But we've still got pretty different music tastes outside of electronic music.

Where did you grow up? What brought about the move to London?
Danny: About half an hour outside London, near High Wycombe. Once we finished studying in Dublin, it was the natural place to move to, I never thought about going anywhere else.

Do you think London's open-minded attitude towards music makes it the most exciting city to throw parties in?
Kieran: It's a really exciting place to be doing parties - people are very open to new music and new experiences here. It's also exciting to be doing parties in London at a time when electronic music is more universally popular than it's ever been before. That brings its own set of challenges too though!

How would you describe the vibe at krankbrother parties?
Danny: Friendly, open, and fun. We get a real mix of London at our parties and you can really feel that when you're there.

Kieran: Unpretentious, interesting, different (we hope).

The choice of venue is an important aspect at krankbrother parties. But I wanted to ask you why you think it should be an important element of the party when people are just going to listen to music? Are people going to just listen to music?
Danny: No, I don't think they do. People come for the party, crowd, and vibe as much as the music. We spend a lot of time hunting down cool venues and working on production in order to create something that we hope is totally unique so you get more than just incredible music. We hope you get a fuller experience.

This year we are doing parties in all sorts of crazy locations all over the world - rooftops, yachts, terraces, pagodas, helipads, beaches, theatres. One thing is for sure - the crowds that come to these won't just be there for the music!

What turns you onto or off certain venues? There must be a general rule for picking out your spaces?
Kieran: The number one rule for us is to find venues that are interesting and visually appealing - unique places to host a party. There's loads of elements we think about - space, sound, lighting, cost, logistics, venue management and a load of other factors when we choose.

But sometimes we find a venue that we know is going to be a nightmare to run a party in and a load of stress for us on the night, but we just can't resist because the look and feel of the venue is so special. Over the past few years we've done a lot of parties in spaces that have never hosted parties before, so there's always an element of surprise on the night!

How would you assess the downturn in use of custom-built clubs in recent years? What has been its affect on the scene?
Danny: It was a real shame when lots of the bigger clubs closed but the scene evolved and warehouse parties re-appeared pretty quickly. I like going to both now - warehouses and custom built clubs - as long as the production, sound and crowd are good - which is definitely not always a given.

Are you finding it easier to promote your parties now you have a raised profile, or has that just increased the pressure etc?
Kieran: Putting on parties is always challenging no matter how big you get. Whereas in the past it was all about getting the numbers through the door, now we're more focused on keeping the vibe at the parties intimate and special, and staying one step ahead in terms of venues, concepts, production and DJ bookings.

BPitch Control have decided to host their first London showcase outside of Fabric with you; that must feel like a true honour?
Danny: It's a real honour. We had to work seriously hard to get this showcase! Ellen has always been one of my favourite DJs. I have huge respect for what she's accomplished. She has continually pushed boundaries both as a DJ and with BPitch. As soon as we started doing parties, we wanted to do a BPitch showcase so it’s great to be able to bring the label to London.

Kieran: It's great to showcase a label like BPitch, because their releases have been consistently strong and varied ever since they launched. Ellen Allien is a complete pioneer of the modern EDM scene. Others will come and go on waves of hype, but Ellen will always be a giant of the industry!

Do you see yourselves as promoters 1st and then DJs 2nd? Or does it all roll into one?
Kieran: Well running the parties and krankbrother Agency certainly takes up more of our time! We don't gig every single weekend as we are really busy on other things. We're not full time DJs. But we've had a great time gigging outside of krankbrother recently - we got to play Fabric for WYS! and had a great little tour in Brazil, as well as some other great parties in London and the UK.

Have you tried your hand at producing? Do you have plans to?
Danny: Not yet. We'd like to but we've been really busy working on other projects the last couple of years so haven't found the time to focus on it. Maybe one day.

What plans have you got for kranbrother as a whole?
Kieran: We want to keep surprising our followers and keep one step ahead with our parties. With krankbrother Agency, we are developing our own solid crew of DJs like Wildkats, Alexis Raphael, Cozzy D, Max Chapman and others, and we want to push those guys and get them and the parties to grow together. We want to make our mark on the EDM scene worldwide - and that's why we are showcasing the party and agency all over the place this year - Ibiza, Croatia, Dominican Republic and festivals across the UK.

krankbrother present BPitch Control with Ellen Allien & Kiki
Saturday, March 10 at 10:00pm
Venue: TBA - London
krankbrother present BPitch Control with Ellen Allien & Kiki

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