Jonty Skrufff at Paparazzi Bar, Moscow - Party Review

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 13/3/12 8:33

Jonty Skufff at Paparazzi Bar, Moscow - Party ReviewJonty Skrufff is a Jack of all trades and master of all of them: DJ, producer, blogger, journalist, network events moderator… However, the Russian audience for its considerable part is unable to assess the media achievements of this outstanding man, because an average Russian clubber’s command of English is…average.

Fortunately, this year Skrufff took an active part in Sochi Winter Music Conference, so the Russian party community had a chance to become a bit more familiar with him. But nevertheless, Jonty is still perceived by the vast majority of Moscow clubbers not as a multitalented phenomenon, but first and foremost as a DJ. And this DJ had an honourable, but tricky mission ahead of him…

The thing is that March, 8, is the Women’s Day, a state holiday in Russia. This year it happened to be Thursday. Naturally, on this night every single Moscow club bent over backwards to bring some special guest.

The list of DJs playing in different venues scattered all around the city on March, 7 and 8 was enough to fill a massive fest line-up: Armin van Buuren, Pete Tong, Miss Kittin, Henrik Schwarz, John 00 Fleming, ATB, Dash Berlin, DJ Koze, Nina Kraviz, Michael Woods, Rank 1, Marco Resmann and many, many more.

And then came March, 9, Friday. And Jonty Skrufff came to Paparazzi Bar. It seemed that only a miracle could drag even the most die-hard clubbers out of the den this night. The miracle rushed in at 3 am, sporting a razor-shaped pendant on his neck and the trademark blond hairdo, and played for 3 hours to an almost packed dancefloor. Skrufff definitely has this magic around him that rouses people.

Paparazzi Bar is a small dark afterparty basement. It’s underground in every sense of this term. The fun starts here at 3 am, and ends long after the sunrise. A couple of weeks before Skrufff’s appearance the administration made a statement, liberal on the one hand and menacing on the other: “Guys, from now on entrance to Paparazzi is free. But FC/DC will be stricter!” – judging by this profound message you can guess what kind of clientele the venue attracts. Kids wanna have wicked fun at Paparazzi, and they come for double-dyed succulent techno!

The only thing that Skrufff had dyed (not sure whether double, though) was his hair. His set was light, sunny and mischievous in the positive meaning of this word. Even the big boss, the owner of the bar himself, admitted that such music can be rarely heard in his beloved vault later than 4 am. Tracks like Walk With Me by Djedjotronic, In Dancetrippin by Shlomi Aber or Italian Fireflies by Black Strobe (Richy Ahmed & Corey Baker Remix) could have seemed too rarefied for this place – but they fit in surprisingly well and kept the crowd agitated till the very last second. To round it off, Jonty Skrufff triumphantly dropped Hungry For The Power by Azari & III (Jamie Jones remix) and passed the reigns of government to Sergey Sanchez b2b Mike Spirit, the famous Moscow nightlife gurus.

Paparazzi Bar
3/4 bld.1 Pyatnizkaya Street, Moscow  | 


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