Share2 Conference - Belgrade, Serbia, April 26-28

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 26/3/12 9:43

Share is unique gathering of 2000 young activist, media thinkers, artist and musicians that is happening on April ( 26 -28 ) in Belgrade.

Share2 Conference – Belgrade, Serbia, April 26-28
Leave it to a postwar nation like Serbia to host a media conference that focuses on the turbulence in the world and also have the good sense to have a night program filled with cutting edge electronic artists.

Instead of the typical, come-for-the-party-and-stay- (awake)-for-the-lectures vibe of most music conferences, the main reason for Share2 this year is to examine and discuss the turbulence of Internet activism in the past year – from Arab Spring to the Occupy movement and the fight against SOPA and PIPA legislation.

The conference promises three days filled with lectures given by “leading international stars in the field of Internet activism and social changes, cyber dissidents and world-class bloggers, who will educate the audience on new forms of activism and approach in use of new media and advanced technologies.

Heady stuff, but isn’t this the kind of stuff that former Monkee Michael Nesmith does annual with his ultra-secret think tank in New Mexico? Except the Serbs have decided to throw a great big party each night, and in the fight against oppression, having fun is the most revolutionary act of all.

The night program of this timely media conference makes it almost seem to good to be true. Warp and Planet Mu artist Tim Exile is an early-confirmation headliner. I-F, of the electro classic “Space Invaders are Smoking Grass”, DMX Krew, Spectral Empire, and the Claw (comprised of Kingdom, Nguzuguzu, and Total Freedom) are also confirmed, helping to push the music in all kinds of different directions, but all appropriate for the tone and theme of Share2.

But the music also extends in to the daytime with workshops and guest lectures from some of the new media music business’ top minds. Speakers include Renaat Vandepapeliere of R&S Records, Andrew Keen of TechCrunch; Caroline Drucker discusses the merits of Soundcloud, and dance music personality Jonty Skrufff will also be representing. Expect lively and vigorous debate, as each speaker offers a skewed viewpoint of what the music industry “should be”.  Overall, Share2 promises to be this spring’s most exciting new media conference and should be on the must-attend list for serious media professionals and connoisseurs of cutting-edge electronic music.

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SHARE Conference - Social, Media, Music - April 26-28, Belgrade, Serbia
Share is unique gathering of 2000 young activist, media thinkers, artist & musicians.
Its a combination of progressive educational content in field of social & media activism with cutting edge electronic music.

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