No.19 Social Experiment / Supernature - Miami 23 March - Party Review

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 2/4/12 9:04

No.19 Social Experiment / Supernature - Miami 23 March - Party ReviewArriving at Mamushkas in Downtown Miami at just after midnight we were met with one long queue of people waiting to get into the No.19 Social Experiment/Supernature party, which filled us with dread as it could have been quite some time before we made it into the venue. Fortunately (despite several people deciding to jump in with the group in front of us) we didn’t have to wait too long before we got inside.

Before I went there, Mamushkas was described to me as ‘a bit of a ghetto bar with an outside area - feels a bit dodgy but good fun’ – which turned out to be a perfect description. Inside the club, which looks like something out of a seedy thriller (a darkened room, only illuminated by neon lights behind the bar), there’s a small dancefloor area and a small bar too. There’s also quite a large chill out area, which we never really investigated but looked comfortable and well lit. Outside Mamushkas has a much larger area with a big marquee set up for the DJs to do their thing, a square bar in the centre and some standard, festival-style portaloos.

As we make our way in, Inxec is going back-to-back with Droog LA member Andrei, rolling out some deep cuts including Mic Newman’s stormer on Tsuba Records, Knickerbocker. Meanwhile, outside Soul Clap are finishing up their set with a selection of nineties RnB jams. It makes for a good contrast and certainly polarizes the crowd - outside appearing a lot busier than inside.

After Soul Clap, Tone Of Arc stepped up and put in a great performance despite the sound system being a little bit dodgy to begin with – way too much bass led to plenty of distortion at the beginning of his set, which meant we couldn’t make out many of his songs. Bit of a shame, but he was impressive nonetheless, singing through an old school fifties-style chrome microphone, mixing and playing guitar. After Tone,  Art Department took charge, doing what they always do and taking the crowd on a journey. The highly sought after (but never to be released) Tale Of Us remix of Clockwork’s Things You Have one of the early highlights in their set.

Back inside though the dancefloor was hotting up with British duo Audiofly rocking out some high-energy, garage-tinged cuts with aplomb – Luca Saporito in particular looking like he was having the time of his life behind the decks.  After Audiofly, DJ.T carried on the momentum with a fine selection of music, again full of energy and keeping the now packed dancefloor moving until the early hours.

With Get Lost due to start at the Electric Pickle while No.19’s party was finishing up, most people began to filter out of Mamushkas and head off down the road to Miami’s famous electronic music mecca to carry on the party – just as we did...

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