Soul Clap, It's A Big F*cking Deal - Party Review

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 2/4/12 8:58

Soul Clap,  It’s A Big F*cking Deal -  Party ReviewDuring WMC there is an absolutely huge amount of parties going on day and night, from the more commercial stuff at Mansion to the gritty, underground stuff Downtown at the Electric Pickle and other such clubs. And, if that wasn’t enough, there are lots of after parties and private soirees to get stuck into if you know the right people… and we were (very) fortunate to be invited to one such party, which was held by Boston’s very own Soul Clap.

Taking place at the swanky Soho House (which we took a bus to get to, classy), outside in their ‘Tiki Garden’, the Soul Clap shindig provided some gratefully received respite from the madness of South Beach.

It was basically an industry-type affair, which was no bad thing at all – sometimes industry parties can be lame affairs full of jaded musos and their similarly ‘over it’ associates. However, with Eli and Charlie at the helm this was never going to be anything more than a lot of fun with good peoples.

The guys were on the decks when we arrived and a whole host of familiar faces were in the garden, chilling, drinking, catching up or getting to know one another – Richy Ahmed, Robert James, Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Heidi, Simon Baker, Luca C, Ali Love, Tale Of Us, The Martinez Brothers, Mathias Kaden and plenty more were joined by myself and various other journalists, PRs, agents, friends and so on.

The music was perfect, a mix of old school RnB, some Nuyorican soul, latin freestyle, funk – all mixed together by the Soul Clap boys, Melanie Blatt of All Saints (who appears on the Soul Clap album EFUNK and The Martinez Brothers.

As night fell everyone started dropping their best dance moves as the music went up in tempo and the effects of the drinks we’d been sipping on all day started to take effect.

As we left to head on to another party elsewhere in town we stumbled through the dining area in Soho House, a slightly unnerving, tranquil contrast to the raucous party going on outside. As a delicate song was played on the piano, we saw pint-sized rapper Lil Jon chilling with his entourage in this peaceful dining area.

Only in Miami…

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