Hypercolour @ Delano Beach Club Miami 2012 - 22nd March - Party Review

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 2/4/12 9

Hypercolour @ Delano Beach Club Miami 2012 -  22nd March -  Party ReviewFor most parties in Miami it’s best to pick up tickets before you get there because they’re a little cheaper, otherwise you’ll be having to queue and pay often inflated prices for tickets (we heard $70 at one party, which will remain nameless). However, some kind folk decide to put on parties with ridiculous line-ups for FREE - like the guys at British record label Hypercolour who took charge of the Delano for a night.

Owners Alex Jones and Jamie Russell have never done a party in Miami before, but after attending their free bash this year I’m hoping they will arrange plenty more WMC get-togethers in future.

Arriving reasonably early, we caught label head Alex Jones on the decks masterfully mixing a strong batch of music that was quite up-tempo and kept the small of group of eager ravers who’d already hit the dancefloor moving their feet.

Sadly, there was a party next door playing annoyingly loud commercial music that sometimes interfered with what Mr. Jones was playing. Nevertheless it was an accomplished set and a perfect precursor to Groove Armada who rocked the Delano with their set comprised of a good selection of dancefloor bangers including BUBBA’s Dance With Me and Gavin Herlihy’s stomper, Get Loose. For some reason, midway through, the sound technician decided to turn the volume down on the monitor speakers dotted around the dancefloor which led to Andy Cato popping out from behind the decks to remonstrate with the technician and get him to turn the sound back up. He did so and the party continued at full strength.

Finally was one of Hypercolour’s early signings, a lady who is now very hot property indeed – Maya Jane Coles. Her set was also marred by low sound at the beginning, which her manager promptly dealt with. Once the teething issues had been overcome she worked the crowd with a deft touch, proving that all the time she’s spent on the road has bolstered her already polished skills on the decks.

The only down point to this party (and several others during WMC) was the drinks prices, obviously not the fault of the promoters but they were ridiculously high – what we call ‘Ibiza prices’. Still, it was a free party and a great one at that.


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