Mr G - Danceholics EP on Holic Trax

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 2/5/12 8:18

Holic parties have been such a success in London and Tokyo for 5 years that it would be natural to launch a label of the same name. Tomoki Tamura, the head of the concept, chose Mr.G as a trailblazer for the newbornHolic Trax label. Mr.G’s noble record of service counts more than two decades of being at the heart of the music scene, but now this producer is somehow overshadowed and underrated. Releasing “Danceholic’s” by Mr.G as the first EP on the label, Tomoki Tamura shows his refined taste for quality music – but does it pay off?

The track that ushers the listeners in the EP and the “Holic Trax” label in general is called “Don’t Ever Give Up”. Right from the beginning the percussion makes you feel immediate desire to shake your hips and creates an illusion of a sunny daytime melody ahead. But as more and more layers of sound assume their duties and the acidic bassline grows from strength to strength the initial impression of light-mindedness disperses. A blurry voice moans lyrically and reiterates “Baby, baby” over a cantankerous female outbursts. Mainly but not only due to the fascinating vocals this is a really outstanding track.

Unlike the original, the dub version of “Don’t Ever Give Up” is less remarkable: you might easily glide past it and never turn your thoughts back to it, though there is no denying it also has some charm.

Guidance (T2 edit)” could have seemed to be following the trend of reproducing the mid-90’s sound. But it isn’t exactly reproducing, because Mr.G’s signature style was born in that era and he has been pursuing this style during more or less all of his life. Persistent loops, tightly edited vocals and classic 909 rides make a good injection of irreconcilability to the EP and might or might not bring out some nostalgia.

The title track “Danceholic’s” is an intense floorfiller. One of those that set in motion all the capabilities of a massive sound system and crush it with their grandeur. When asked once about getting started with a track Mr.G said: “It’s just whatever I’m feeling on that day. It can start anywhere – it’s the final destination that rocks me”. This approach is clearly felt in the “Danceholic’s” track and the whole EP. There is somewhat spontaneous and ingenious in it that doesn’t fully fit the stereotyped expectations.

Well, neither Tomoki Tamura nor Mr.G missed the mark. Let’s hope “Holic Trax” will sound just as catchy, raw and skillful from this EP onward.

Artist: Mr G
Title: Danceholics EP
Label: Holic Trax

TracklistDon’t Ever Give UpGuidance (T2 edit)Danceholic’sDon’t Ever dub (Digital only)

Our Rating: 8/10
Mr G


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