Jay Bliss - The Art of Doing Nothing EP on Initials

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 23/4/12 7:59

The second release on Initials imprint, The Art of Doing Nothing by Jay Bliss, is a decent example of prudent, neat, reliable tech-house with some shades of deep. It is the rare remix by Petre Inspirescu that introduces a certain amount of eccentricity and gives additional value to the EP. Without this remix the release might have being scorned at as mediocre by some severe critics.

The lead track Doing Nothing, in spite of his name, sounds quite efficient. It revolves around a lumpy, satisfying groove and demonstrates the modernist subtlety of Bliss’ approach to house music. It is one of those tracks that at a party provide the transition from the warm-up to the climax: its bassline is encouraging and tempting, but its tempo does not place you into orbit and leaves you with the insatiable urge to speed up.

The next one, X, explores the deeper coves of Bliss’ sound and shows more temperament. Petre Inspirescu (Jay Bliss’ compatriot, by the way) handles it without a grain of mercy, planning it assiduously and leaving almost nothing from the original’s bubbly flair. The padding kicks and the ever-evolving percussion sound so sturdily minimal as if made in 2005.

Sonic oddities and a sub-aquatic feeling make the listener lose the reality sense: the 14 minutes of the remix might as well seem 5 minutes or a full hour. Call it experimental or just moody, X remixed by Petre Inspirescu is a true accomplishment.

Preceded by such a monster, the last track Atonement sounds somewhat like an empty spaces filler. It resembles Doing Nothing in its even temper, but definitely lacks the hidden spicy pulsation of the lead track.

The first release on Initials paired previously unknown artists Greenville Massive with Troy Pierce. The contrast between Jay Bliss and Petre Inspirescu might be not that striking, but still noticeable. It could have been better if a brilliant remix supplemented an equally brilliant newcomer’s production. But nothing is perfect in this world, so let’s enjoy just enjoy it the way it is.

Artist: Jay Bliss
Title: The Art of Doing Nothing EP
Label: Initials

TracklistDoing NothingXX (Petre Inspirescu Rmx)Atonement (Digital Only)

Our Rating: 5.5/10
Jay Bliss


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