Marc Miroir - Hitting Home LP on Paso Music

Words by: Rob Warner
Posted: 23/5/12 8:15

German producer Marc Miroir has been at this game for some time now, spending 20-odd years developing an ear for quirky, understated sounds.

His debut album, 'Hitting Home', is the culmination of all this fine-tuning and it's worthy of attention especially if you're a fan of grooves which pay tribute to the past but do it in a modern way.

Kicking off with the peppy and percussive 'The Morning After' you get a taste for the low slung basslines and cut up samples which feature throughout the LP. This track has an infectious feel to it and sets the stage before you hit 'Eco Quest', a futuristic tech number with a slightly kooky guitar breakdown.

'Megara' heads into old school Chicago inspired house. With a bubbly baseline, snappy percussion, small tweaking sections and siren it's got a Relief Records era Paul Johnson vibe to it.

'Fire' is the Hercules & Love Affair style vocal track and one of the best moments on the album. It features Hard Ton's diva-ish vocals overtop a synth led space disco groove .

'The Train' features Chicks on Speed's Kiki Morse on vocals in a hypnotic almost progressive inspired track but with a classic German dubby-house-with-quirky-vocal-overtop thing going on.

A few other tracks on the album also impress, covering the more acid synth thing, jacking and deeper grooves. The diversity of styles on show here paint a picture of a producer with a long love affair of different styles of dance music. Miroir's debut is a successful one. Kudos.

Artist: Marc Miroir
Title:  Hitting Home LP
Label: Paso Music

Tracklist01. The Morning After02. Eco Quest03. Megara04. Fire Featuring Hard Ton05. Can Fly06. Maxid07. Faces08. The Train Featuring Kiki Moorse09. Sounds Of The Barn10. Ritterschlag11. Coming Home Featuring Integer

Our rating: 7/10
Marc Miroir


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Erick Morillo
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