Monty Luke - Bomb On Bomb EP on Full Flavor Music

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 11/6/12 9:26

One of Monty Luke's current claims to fame, although I'm sure he's not the one making such a declaration, is that he's Carl Craig's label manager at Planet E. He can drop the day job if he likes though, as while listening to this release I was wishing he'd made his presence felt a little earlier. His scant discography spans the last decade, but the release of this EP comes at a time of increased activity for him.

Both 'In Love With A Dancer (ML Tronik Edit)' and 'Bomb On Bomb' wage war on the dance floor and are as uncompromisingly funky and visceral as house music gets. Not obviously of Detroit, they each employ strong vocal elements, a breathy/diva combination for the former, seedy soul-inspired for the latter, which each ride a rhythm driven by symphonic, shimmering strings and more deadpan acid-inspired keys respectively. There's an abundance of space within these grooves and the two tracks motor along fluently.

The 'ML Future Dub' takes things a little too literally, being just the sum of its parts while '13th City Stranger' is a robotic slow jam and possibly the most obvious reference to Luke's home town.

This release has an effortless feel to it which bodes well for the future and stacks up well against previous releases by the artist in question.

Monty Luke has kept things low-key thus far, but I think he'll find it continually difficult to do so.

Artist: Monty Luke
Title: Bomb On Bomb EP
Label: Full Flavor Music

TracklistIn love With A Dancer (ML Tronik Edit)Bomb On BombIn Love With A Dancer (ML Future Dub)13th City Stranger

Our Rating: 8/10
Monty Luke


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