A Brief Chat with Carlo Lio

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 24/7/12 7:44

A Brief Chat with Carlo LioCarlo Lio is one of North America’s hardest working DJs, constantly on tour somewhere in the world, not making the million dollars per gig that phony pop stars make, but earning enough to increase his prominence significantly each year and making a solid impact where it counts, in the underground.

In 2012, as we roll in to summer, things are heating up for the veteran jock and talented producer once again with EP releases on both SCI+TEC and Intec plus a strong DJ mix for SCI+TEC making for perhaps Lio’s biggest year yet.

Tell us a little bit about your new single for SCI+TEC, when is it due out, how many tracks, are there any remixes?
Originally it was supposed to be a single, but we have added another track to make it an EP. There are 2 single tracks with no remixes. "Keep Grooving" is the headline track which has a jacking tech-house sound, a rolling pulsing bass line with a haunting top line along with some very snappy vocal stabs. This cut is definitely the dance floor rocker of the two. The supporting track "Turbulence" is a deeper techno affair with a monster bass line and dark vocal loop - kinda scary, actually.

Any other new EPs we can expect from you this summer?
Yes. In August I will release another EP on Carl Cox’s Intec label - two original tracks, not exactly sure if the package will contain any remixes yet. Also you can expect a few remixes from me as well this summer - one on 2000 & One’s ‘Bang Bang’, another on Soma, and one more on my label Rawthentic, which was produced with The Junkies.

Tell us about the new compilation you’ve mixed for SCI+TEC. Who is on it, what’s the theme of the mix, and how many tracks?
Ali [Shirazinia] & I did not want this to be a straight mixed CD. We were both aiming for more of a live feel, using a lot of loops, tools, and favourite parts of different tracks in the catalogue to create something more unique than your average mix-in-mix-out mix compilation without compromising my mixing style.

The compilation contains a total of 26 full tracks between the two parts + 22 tools, loops, and effects throughout the mix running on top most of the tracks. The mix comp includes many names such as Paul Ritch, Luca Bacchetti, Davide Squillace, Nic Fanciulli, Sebrok, Dubfire, Steve Parker, The Junkies, Reset Robot Zoo Brazil, Macromism, DJ Simi, Sinisa Tamamovic, and of course - myself.

Past, Present, Future – Vol. 2 by Carlo LioAre there are any plans to specifically support these releases with a tour?
Yes, of course. After the release we will be branding my upcoming tours to showcase both the new EP and the mix comp. We want to raise as much awareness as possible and really push these releases! I’m very excited about it.

You are always playing somewhere in the world. Where is home these days and where are some of your favorite places in the world to play? Why?
It’s been a crazy few years for me. The touring hasn't stopped and I could not be enjoying it more! These days home is in Toronto and Barcelona, I tend to do about half a year in each. I was debating Europe full time at one point, but my life is here in Toronto. I would miss it too much.

Some of my favourite places to play right now are definitely Spain, Italy, and South America (Mexico, Colombia). The parties are always insane, the people are absolutely amazing, they love the music just as much as I do, and the vibe and atmosphere is second to none. These are places I want to continue to play at for the rest of my career.

Where and when will you be playing in Ibiza this summer? Are you looking forward to it?
I am always looking forward to Ibiza! This summer, I am doing three dates for Marco Carola's new Music On parties @ Amnesia (July 6th/ August 17th/ September 14th). As well as 1 show @ Carl Cox - The Revolution Recruits at Space on August 28th with Dubfire. Also, 1 have a date @ Eden on July 25th for the Pornographic party.

What else can we expect from you after summer ends this year?
After the summer is over, I plan to really spend a lot of time in the studio. There are still certain labels I love that I have made my goal to appear on. That’s my main focus after the summer. In terms of releases, I will be releasing an EP on my own label Rawthentic and it will be a big package including some big names! Excited for it!

Past, Present, Future – Vol. 2 by Carlo Lio 

CD 1
01. Intro / Electric Rescue - Deviant Groove (FX & Voices Tool)
02. Davide Squillace - One Lobster Please (Mathias Kaden's Gambass Remix)
03. Plasmic Honey - Jungle (Martinez Peak Time Remix)
04. Federico Grazzini & Alex Neri - Habla / Dubfire - Rabid (Accapella Mix Tool)
05. Andy Chatterley & Nic Fanciulli - Bottles
06. Carlo Lio - Black
07. Dubfire - Rabid (Instrumental Mix) / MiniCoolBoyz - Rimmer Man (Marka T Remix) (Rim Tool) / MiniCoolBoyz - Bounce (Build Up Tool)
08. Sebrok - The X / Dubfire - Rabid (Radio Slave Remix) (Synth Edit) / Carlo Lio - Lets Get Back (Vox Tool)
09. Rocha & Lewinger - Eco Doppler
10. Steve Parker - Klik Klog
11. Reset Robot - Goblin
12. Paul Ritch - Crazy Madness (Luca Bacchetti Remix)
13. Carlo Lio - White
14. Zoo Brazil – Match / Electric Rescue – Delamoussik (Synth Tool) / Marco Effe - Hyden (Vocal Shake Tool)

CD 2
01. Intro / Echo Vacio – Treinta (Hats FX Tool) / MiniCoolBoyz – Mid (Voice Tool) / Sinisa Tamamovic - Waking Up (FX Tool)
02. Macromism - Hip Charmer (Instrumental Version)
03. DJ Simi - Green Twister (Danilo Vigorito Remix) / Alberto Pascual – Adequacy (Vox Tool)
04. Zoo Brazil - Slob (Nick Curly Remix) / Sinisa Tamamovic - The Drums (Vox Tool)
05. The Junkies - Werq This
06. Paul Ritch - Common Sense / Alberto Pascual – Insight (Synth Rhythm Tool) / MiniCoolBoyz - Mid
07. Macromism - Ronan Point / Alberto Pascual – Insight (Synth Rhythm Tool)
08. Echo Vacio - Treinta / MiniCoolBoyz – Mid (Snare Roll Tool) / Sinisa Tamamovic - Little People (Loop Tool) / SHDWPLAY – Subconscious (Clap Vox Tool)
09. The Junkies - Tuco / Christopher Bleckmann - Deploy / Francesco Bergomi - Sinister Ventriloquist Dummy (Perc Tool)
10. Sinisa Tamamovic - The New Generation / Carlo Lio - Keep Groovin / Francesco Bergomi - Sinister Ventriloquist Dummy (Perc Tool)
11. SHDWPLAY - Drug Of Choice / Macromism - News Before Barcelona
12. Zoo Brazil - Slob

Ibiza Dates
25th July - Pornographic Nights @ Eden
17th August - Music On @ Amnesia
28th August -  Carl Cox - The Revolution Recruits @ Space
14th September - Music On @ Amnesia

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