Staunch 003 @ Corsica Studios - 29th June 2012

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 25/6/12 11:38

Staunch 003 @ Corsica Studios - Friday, 29 June 2012 - Time: 11pm - 7amAs anyone in London will tell you, there is an absolute abundance of nights both new and old every single weekend – all battling to get the most clientele they can, while also trying to carve out a good reputation. Not an easy task, when you consider how saturated the rave scene is in the capital right now.

However, one night that has already proven to be a reputable source of good music and great party vibes is Staunch – as the name suggests, this is a promotion that stands firm in its beliefs and represents an unflinching, forward-thinking ethos. The idea is to bring together some of the different sub-genres that stem from the 4x4 house frame, uniting ravers and giving them a great night in the process.

It's a simple idea, but one which is severely lacking in many nights across London. Instead of embracing the myriad of sounds that subscribe to the trusty 4x4 beat, many events appear to play it safe sticking to one particular sound – be it 'deep house', 'nu-disco', 'techno' or whatever. Which is fine, everybody has their niche.

The Staunchniche” encompasses more than just one sound though – for instance the first two events had line-ups that read like a mini festival, Alex Arnout, Midland, No Artifical Colours, Terror Danjah, Artwork, Boddika and Huxley and more included on the bill.

This month DC10 resident Clive Henry, dubstep godfather Benny Ill, newcomers Dexter Kane and Dusky, Jakkin Rabbit and a very special surprise guest will be on hand to deliver the finest in contemporary electronic music to the faithful at Corsica Studios. Staunch is going to grow and grow, make sure you're part of the movement.

Staunch 003 @ Corsica Studios
Friday, 29 June 2012 - Time: 11pm - 7am


Clive Henry
Benny Ill
Dexter Kane
Klose One
Jakkin Rabbit
Very special guests from Swamp 81 & Culprit
Staunch 003 @ Corsica Studios - Friday, 29 June 2012 - Time: 11pm - 7am
Corsica Studios
5 Farrell Court; Elephant & Castle; London SE17 1LB; United Kingdom

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