Pig & Dan - Here We Are Ten Years Later

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 30/7/12 7:08

Pig and Dan – Here We Are Ten Years LaterDance music duo Pig & Dan pump out a prolific amount of music and yet still manage to maintain a high quality as they span techno, progressive, electro, house, and trance with equal aplomb.

The pair are celebrating a ten year anniversary after a chance encounter on a plane and decided instead of looking back it was time for a new album of material following on the heels of last year’s Then and Now album on Yoshitoshi and five years removed since their high water mark, Imagine on Cocoon.

This time around Pig & Dan are working for Soma and channeled their big room sound around the highly refined techno-house sound of the label for something new but not totally unexpected from such a prodigious pair of producers.

It’s been ten years since you began collaborating, how did you two meet and start making music?
We basically had a chance encounter on an airplane and met three years after that through a common friend so it was pretty much destiny you could say. We got into the studio and had chemistry from the very beginning and here we are 10 years afterwards...

Most artists release a greatest hits collection after 10 years, why did you decide to make Decade an album of new material?
Music production is our life and our passion, we can't live without creating so we have a great output, we are continuously designing our DJ sets with our own productions so we have our own special sound, it’s the way we differentiate ourselves especially nowadays where everyone has access to the same music because of internet.

Hasn’t it been five years since your last album, why so long, and how long did the new album take to create and produce?
Actually our last album was last year on Yoshitoshi so it hasn't been very long.  The new album took about six months, we didn't really plan to do an album, we just produce loads of tracks and then realized they could come together and create an album. It sort of just happens by itself, it grows like a living thing.

What is your favorite track from the new album, why?
Lone Ranger” is our favorite track because of its high energy and it basically has all the elements we like in a track: Groovy bass line, fat stabs, melodies, and a memorable build up that will blow the dance floor into smithereens!

Your album Imagine was on Cocoon, how did you connect with Soma for Decade?
Well we connected through label owners, Slam, last summer in Ibiza at a Cocoon dinner and then the rest sort of fell into place very naturally.

Any plans to tour this summer to specifically promote the album?
Yes! We are currently preparing a U.S. album tour for this summer.

What else can we expect from you in 2012 after the album is released?
Well, we have a stream of upcoming releases after the album release on Soma, Bedrock, and Tronic. plus "Decade Remixed" 1 and 2 which includes tracks from the album remixed by the likes of Popof, Carlo Lio, Butch, and many more killer producers. As it stands our schedule is full until 2013.

Decade LP Artist: Pig & Dan
Title: Decade LP
Label: Soma

Tracklist01. Powder02. Breadrin Beats03. Insomnia04. Doing It For Yourself05. Amy06. Natives07. Lone Ranger08. Keep It Coming09. Liberation10. The Nurse
Release date: 30th Jul 2012
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