[a]pendics.shuffle & Mr. C - Something Strange Part Two on Adjunct

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 18/7/12 13:19

The original three-track version of this collaboration dropped back in March with one half-decent, acid house-esque original taking on a life of its own via the remix. The first EP had some above average reworks from Mike Shannon and Affie Yusuf and now on the inevitable remix EP comes more remixes from Mr. C, Jordan Lieb, and Mikael Stavöstrand. Each does a great job of outdoing the original, which wasn’t as awesome as the world had hoped an [a]pendics.shuffle and Mr. C collaboration might be, and offer a rare instance when the remix package provides more thrills than the original.

Mr. C’s remix is somewhere between the Mothership take on dirty, underground house and his lengthy pedigree as an acid house pioneer. The old school feel is certainly there but not so prominent to make itself an unwelcome guest. The dirty acid bubblings give the track a sleazy feel that doesn’t sound forced like so much of the stuff that’s riding the crest of popularity on this particular sound. Mostly, it feels like Mr. C wrapped some demented beats around the paranoid vocals lifted from the original for some thing really creepy and it works quite well.

Brooklyn artist Jordan Lieb kills it on his remix, a strong contender for top remix of the year as it takes blatant disregards for the original structure and adds weirder elements like gothic vibes, Eastern European modes, strummed strings, and enough disembodied vocal layering to sound like carnival funhouse hell, in a good way. The vocals are processed and strangled enough to recall Fredric March’s 1931 portrayal of Mr. Hyde.

Mikael Stavöstrand has a very typical minimal tech-house style, which is normally adequate for most dance floors. But even despite a nice tumbling bass line and some serious four-to-the-floor kick drum action, this track seems vanilla in comparison to the other two on the lunacy scale. So even though this track is a nice tether back to the world of musical conventions with an arsenal of fantastic organic loops it fails to let the freak flag, which has been the cornerstone of this pair of releases, and thus seems out of place.

Artist: [a]pendics.shuffle & Mr. C
Title: Something Strange Part Two
Label: Adjunct

TracklistSomething Strange (Mr.C remix)Something Strange (Jordan Lieb remix)Something Strange (Mikael Stavostrand remix)

Our Rating: 7/10
[a]pendics.shuffle & Mr. C


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