Cropper - Broken EP on I Used To Sleep At Night

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 6/8/12 7:53

Niall Cropper is a young chap who, according to the Interweb, seems to divide his time between London and Bristol. Well, loads of similar characters do that these days innit? However, are they all as comfortable in a recording studio and able to turn out exceedingly varied four trackers? . . . Thought not.

This is a very labour-intensive release, the subtleties of which are evident on every track. It's certainly not a noodle fest though. A cursory listen might not elicit much, but repeated plays reward the listener's patience and cement tropes and motifs which are as fleeting as a glimpse of bigfoot.

The most arresting aspect of 'I Need To Know' is its vitality and its dexterity with vocal samples.

'Bounce', although not quite as airy, is every bit as bouncy and elastic. Deeper and more introspective is 'Blessing' which warps god knows how many different voices alongside ever-so-slightly Detroit-inflected keys and a lighter-than-air soca battery.

'Broken' is darker and dubbier than anything else here and eponymously connects by favouring a reductive approach,

Going into too much detail is futile with this release as every time I listen to it something new turns up. The pieces on here all create impressions which are continually superceded and supplanted. Niall Cropper, this is very good indeed.

Artist: Cropper
Title: Broken EP
Label: I Used To Sleep At Night

TracklistI Need To KnowBounceBlessingBroken

Our rating: 8/10


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